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 Hey there, new Mando. You look lost!

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PostSubject: Hey there, new Mando. You look lost!   Mon Mar 16, 2009 11:29 am

Okay I'm guessing that if you're reading this post that means you have absolutely no idea what you're doing - or you're bored, that's good too.

I'm going to list a few useful tools and things you might wanna check before you sign in or post to this forum.

1. You must sign in to earn your right to speak. Pick a nickname of your liking and just sign in! It's free. But if you happen to have a bottle of single malt scotch or very expensive wine, I'll be happy. But no, seriously. Sign in, hurry up!

2. You can change your Profile information, Icon/Avatar, Signature and other stuff in the Profile link at the top of the page. The PM link allows you to communicate with other members of this forum. We don't care what you do in your Profile and PM business. But it's also cool if you post on the forum, huh?

3. Follow the simple rules of common sense when typing your messages in the forum.

  • English is the official language of the world of "being understood". If you don't master English but can still type some of it and understand most of it, you'll be warmly welcome here and people will help you out. If you insist on typing in a different language then there is nothing I can do for you. You may and will be ridiculed.

  • Some of you may want to use Mando'a to illustrate a quote, or prove a point whatsoever. Nothing keeps you from that but you must know that not everyone of us are fluent in Star Wars' own Klingonese and we'll appreciate if you provide a translation to what you're trying to say with your geeky gibberish. You cannot outgeek anybody here, we are all equally lame and self-absorbed in our love of the Mandalorians so get off from your Bantha and respect those that did not spend their free time learning the entire Mandalorian lexicon.

  • Use the BBcode to make your post fun and attractive! It's easy to use, just select text and click on the formatting icons that make you look smart and approachable. Break lines to split long paragraphs and don't blind us with unusual colored text, though.

  • Even though we assume that we're all 20-something years old in this sort of community, it's always a shocker when we learn how younger or older some users turn out to be in reality. It's also completely amazing when you know that actually the entire world may be reading what you're going to say so please, don't be an idiot. Don't write anything you might regret and if you do, be a man about it and don't whine. Learn from what others say, don't assume stuff about strangers and be open-minded. Okay? Alright.

  • No advertising for websites unrelated to a specific topic, thread or things relevant to Mandalorians or Star Wars. Do not use MANDOBOARD to boost your personal popularity (outside of Mando-related stuff).

  • Respect the general spirit of the community. Being focused on a rather small subculture of geekery the people here may share a weird kind of humor, inside jokes and extended knowledge on things that may not seem to make sense to you. You might want to act like an asshole to get attention or say awkward things to express your misery... STOP RIGHT THERE. If you feel lost, ASK ABOUT THINGS! Don't stay in the dark, don't sit in a corner to sulk. Most of us Mando-fans are warm and welcoming people ready to inform you on anything you need to know to feel at home.

On this bright note, I'm letting you run free, young (or old) adopted new member of the big Mandalorian family. I am Daennika, Douchalorian mama of the online geeks that go moist at the sight of a T-shaped visor. I am forever watchful and wish you a pleasant stay in here.
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joda flest

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PostSubject: Re: Hey there, new Mando. You look lost!   Thu May 03, 2012 1:27 pm

[*]Even though we assume that we're all 20-something years old in this sort of community, it's always a shocker when we learn how younger or older some users turn out to be in reality.

im only ten
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Hey there, new Mando. You look lost!
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