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 RPG THREAD: Takin' it to the STREETS (Kou, Saki, Grit, Catra, E'cho, Jenya and Vande)

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PostSubject: Re: RPG THREAD: Takin' it to the STREETS (Kou, Saki, Grit, Catra, E'cho, Jenya and Vande)   Sun Aug 16, 2009 11:49 am

Just one of those faces and body types. The topic seemed to bother him. Saki wasn’t sure if had to do with childhood trauma, or something else. And then it hit her. Grit had been in the army. An army made up of clones. The squabbling of politicians had never concerned her and neither had their war. All she knew was the war had none of her interests in mind and that the GAR was made up of clones. So he was a deserter? Good for him. She didn’t care one way or the other. But if she could use it to Contardi’s advantage, she would.

“I’ll try not to take it too personally,” Saki gave him a sinister smile. She formed a fist with her right hand and lifted it up by her face. She moved it back quickly as if she was going punch him in the face but instead she brought up her leg and swiftly kicked him gut.

((OOC: E’cho can block it, dodge it, fall or stumble backwards, or take it like a man!))
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PostSubject: Re: RPG THREAD: Takin' it to the STREETS (Kou, Saki, Grit, Catra, E'cho, Jenya and Vande)   Mon Aug 24, 2009 10:53 am


The world was a little bleary but Kou could definitely hear the screaming ex soldier in his ears. His splitting headache didn't like it, and neither did his injuries as he was dragged away from the Trandoshan. Well, it was better than being skewered by the reptile, right?

Kou pressed his palm into his eye socket and rubbed, looking between Grit and Jenya. So they were under cover. "We need a ride out of here, is what we need," Kou grumbled. He found his datapad and frowned at the crack across the screen. He spent a lot of creds modding that thing! When he found out who sabotaged their get away speeder, he was going to--

The sound of an incoming speeder was punctuated with the rat-ta-ta-ta of a heavy repeating blaster as it strafed the battlefield. Kou squinted and saw that it was one of their own speeders, in fact it was the ace in the hole, the most deadly of all speeders in the Scourge garage--

Yes. The Deathbuggy.

No one is sure who named it, as the speeder was passed down from generations of Scourge dynasties. But every Scourge member knew when he saw the otherwise sketchy-looking, "Free Candy" cargo van that it meant victory. Or in this case, rescue. And only the most apt pilot could sit in the driver's chair.

One of the windows rolled down as the speeder swung around and hovered over where Grit, Kou, and Jenya were taking cover. Isazu's voice came yelling out of the cockpit. "Get in, get in, get in!" he shouted.

The repeating blaster continued to rain blaster bolts down in an arc to keep Red Flare away as Kou fumbled with the ladder to climb on. "What about Saki?" he shouted into the cargo hold.

More Scourge members were running or limping toward the Deathbuggy. Another door on the vehicle slid open and a Ranat on a speeder bike swooped out and headed for Saki's position. Out of the corner of his eye, Kou could see the yellow blur of the airborne Mandalorian take a shot and go down.

Kou was nervous about getting on without Saki, but he knew there was nothing else he could do.

((OOC: So Isazu comes to save the day! The Deathbuggy is a fairly well-armored vehicle and this time it's not rigged to blow. Try and get your characters on board ASAP, and Saki, you better hope that Ranat can get to you and take you safely back to Scourge.

And feel free to get any last-minute fighting in before Isazu shows up. Good luck!!))
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PostSubject: Re: RPG THREAD: Takin' it to the STREETS (Kou, Saki, Grit, Catra, E'cho, Jenya and Vande)   Mon Aug 24, 2009 7:50 pm


As she was watching the stand off between Saki and that odd scruffy man who resembled Grit, she heard Kou muttering something.

"You ok back there Kou?" the poor guy had really taken a beating and would need medical assistance as soon as possible.

Suddenly there was an unusual whine, and then the sound of a heavy repeating blaster firing. What on earth is that thing?!
She gave Kou a questioning glance but all she got was a large grin and a sigh of hope.

"I'm hoping you're not going mad Kou, that better be on our side."

It dropped alongside them the window rolling down, Isazu, the man that had hired her for this suicide mission was now here to pull them out of the clutches of cliche.

"Nice to see you remembered us, as the others started to board."

Wait a moment....Saki was still out there, she aimed and fired her blaster near the two in an attempt to distract the Red Flare thug and give Saki a chance to get away, hopefully it'd help.

"Ok get me...I mean us out of here!"
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PostSubject: Re: RPG THREAD: Takin' it to the STREETS (Kou, Saki, Grit, Catra, E'cho, Jenya and Vande)   Mon Aug 24, 2009 9:24 pm

"I'll try not to take it too personally."

She was fast. But then again, so was he. E'cho took the hit and snapped his arm down, clamping Saki's leg to his side. He took a step back, jerked her leg towards him and twisted in an attempt to knock her off balance. As he did this, something caught his eye. Not far off, he watched the sputter of a jetpack snuff out as the young Mandalorian girl took a direct hit of a repeater and fell out of view.

Shab, he cursed.

Before he could follow through and snap the Scourge woman's leg, blaster fire erupted around them, pinging the ground and tossing cracks of the pavement into the air. E'cho released his hold and jumped to the side, taking cover behind what looked like a chunk of one of the buildings nearby. An old hunk-of-junk speeder on the large side fired into the mayhem, dropping down near the girl he had been fighting.

E'cho didn't have the ordnance to blow the hunk-of-junk out of the sky, but that... thing certainly had the means to turn him into a serving of chunky, bloody Byss cheese.
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PostSubject: Re: RPG THREAD: Takin' it to the STREETS (Kou, Saki, Grit, Catra, E'cho, Jenya and Vande)   Sun Jan 05, 2014 3:12 pm

There was a new Mando on the streets for hire. He could get any job done, although, he had his flawes. He headed to the nearest Tavern and ordered the first drink he spotted. His armor was a black and blood red color, he was a heavy based troop, and had been a mercinary for only a short time, and almost none had heard of him. He leaned back against the bar, observing everyone as they went about their business, he had a keen eye, and sharp hearing, listening on conversations which could cause some trouble. Smugglers, Bounty Hunter/Mercinaries the lot, all talking aloud about their plans, which was a big mistake. He got up and placed a poster on the outside of the tavern, the poster read: 'Atin'la Goor'verd. For hire. Any job, for a reasonable price. If you want me, you'll know how and where to find me'.
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PostSubject: Re: RPG THREAD: Takin' it to the STREETS (Kou, Saki, Grit, Catra, E'cho, Jenya and Vande)   

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RPG THREAD: Takin' it to the STREETS (Kou, Saki, Grit, Catra, E'cho, Jenya and Vande)
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