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 The Star Wars Boba Fett Kid series

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PostSubject: The Star Wars Boba Fett Kid series   Wed Sep 23, 2009 2:59 pm

Don't read it Razz

Well, yes read it if you ever come across it but don't take it too seriously. I went 3 books into it and found it entertaining for a while; it's interesting to see the harshness of the galaxy through a young boy's eyes but it's highly unrealistic.

After a few hours the glorification of Jango and his "holo manifesto" seems a little too convenient and I just don't adhere to the whole bounty hunter kid saga. I think it sort of made me step away from the Fett fandom more than it reinforced it as I've always sort of imagined Boba Fett to be sort of an ordinary man kicking butt thanks to armor and weaponry... and awesome skills. Making a kid go through a lot of shit alone gives you a fucked up adult person. The Fett we know in the classic trilogy just likes credits and hunting people, killing things, etc. Hence my anti Prequel-Fett attitude.

Whatever, that's just my opinion on Baby Boba. Tell me yours!
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The Star Wars Boba Fett Kid series
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