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 Fate of the Mandalorians: Pride Prejudice and Punishment

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Dar Kyram
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Dar Kyram

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PostSubject: Fate of the Mandalorians: Pride Prejudice and Punishment   Sun Jun 20, 2010 5:53 am

Fate of the Mandalorians: Pride Prejudice and Punishment

This is a Legacy Era story. It takes place 45 years After the Battle of Yavin.

Dar Kyram, shorter than average and drug addicted Mandalorian.
Cando Pax, smart-mouth Twi'lek recovering from trauma experienced in the Swarm Wars.
Ori Kadala, beskgar'gam smith and anti-political upstarter.

Genre: (Action/Adventure)

Four years has passed since the fall of Darth Ceadus and rise of Chief of State Daala, and Dar Kyram teams up with fellow Mandalorians Cando Pax and Ori Kadala. Taking a job in the Unknown Regions, Dar hopes a simple protection job will be enough to judge Cando's rehabilitation and abilities as Mandalorian warrior. But as the Twi'lek struggles to keep himself together, the mission is interrupted by outside forces and internal unrest that causes the three Mandalorians to fight for their survival in the distant and remote regions of the galaxy.

Part I of The Fate of the Mandalorians series that I'm co-writing with my best friend, Cando. This one has been a LOOOOONG time coming and its finally getting posted!
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Fate of the Mandalorians: Pride Prejudice and Punishment
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