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 Because we're just that tough...

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Title : Dancing pirate-ninja of Oz.
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PostSubject: Because we're just that tough...   Sun Sep 19, 2010 7:02 pm

So, I know everyone here is tough-as-nails and so hardcore it's impossible for any one of us to have some interest or hobby that didn't involve wrestling with bears or beating space and time into submission so you can beat the crap out of Alexander the Great (just for the fun of it)... still, there's always that one interest/hobby that just doesn't jive with the rest.
So, what's everyone else's not-so-tough secret?

Mine is Lady Gaga. I adore her and I think her crazy outfits are incredibly creative and awesome. She doesn't even need to wear pants anymore if she doesn't want to. Everyone's all "Lady Gaga, you're so dumb, you're wearing underwear in public!" and she's all "I'm a pop star! I can wear whatever I want!" She's not my favorite as far as music goes, but those songs sure get stuck in your head (and they're great for belly dancing. they've got a nice strong beat.)

So there it is.
And if it turns out I'm the only one who's got one of these... um, I was totally kidding the entire time. My real lame secret is that I do cage matches against monkeys in space... yea, without a breathing device... and the monkeys get to use a claymoore... totally lame, right guys?
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Title : Black Cat
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PostSubject: Re: Because we're just that tough...   Tue Sep 21, 2010 6:32 am

Moonkeys with claaaymores... "THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE"

Yeah, Lady Gaga's pretty cool-well as an artist her songs are catchy.

Still I have to laugh that copies of some of her costumes are in the halloween costume shops. xD

I dont think I have much of anything... ): other than the fact I dont like to step on worker ants-and say excuse me. Since its the polite thing to do.

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Title : Daydream Wanderer
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PostSubject: Re: Because we're just that tough...   Tue Sep 21, 2010 6:32 pm

Okay, my confession...

I'm really a girlie girl when I get the chance. I have a very hard time finding figure skating on TV anymore (especially since I can only find it regularly every 4 years during the Olympics). In substitution for my lost figure skating, I watch Dancing with the Stars whenever I get a chance (I just never bother voting for anyone). However, most of the time, I miss the first hour because, well, Chuck is just more of my priority. Smile

In all honestly, I actually got into DWTS by accident. After my son was born, my husband was working EMS hours and wasn't home until late at night most of the time. While my son was still only sleeping a couple hours a night, I put it on to help keep me awake. I ended up hitting the jackpot that season because it was when Joey Fatone (who I had never heard of until DWTS) was up against Anton Ohno. Fatone pulled out the old Meco Star Wars disco mix, and I was just amazed that someone remembered that music other than me! Very Happy However, that didn't really win me over for Fatone because I just liked Ohno better. Ohno had the full package as far as technique and charisma, but the two of those guys going head to head with the enthusiasm that they had just sucked me into the entire series.

I missed a few seasons along the way and mostly catch the spring season, but in all honesty, I've got my hopes set on Jennifer Grey pulling the win this fall. I recently found out she's a thyroid cancer survivor and because I am too, that kind of makes me feel a distant kinship with her. Wink
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Title : Top Douche in charge
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PostSubject: Re: Because we're just that tough...   Sat Sep 25, 2010 9:10 am

So typical of you girls to like girlie things Very Happy I challenge a male person here to come forth with a "girlie" interest! And I know of lots of men who like Lady Gaga...

But nothing is really "girlie" if you think about it scratch I recall a saying about the definition of "manliness", claiming that a "real man should be able to cook, replace a car tire, change a baby's diaper, clean the gutters, manage a company, repair a computer, build a house, read bedtime stories, sew clothing... without complaining". It may not be the exact quote but you can get the gist of it Very Happy

Parenthesis aside, I think that for being female I'm quite the tomboy. I completely refuse to be a girl! Only exception to that rule is probably my taste in sturdy light-haired men who wear armor and shoot guns. They make me ridiculously stupid.

+Rep by the way, good thread Very Happy
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Title : Robot Assassin
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Planet/System : Home is where the job sends you.
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PostSubject: Re: Because we're just that tough...   Sat Sep 25, 2010 3:45 pm

Daennika, I'm in the same boat as you in regard to being a tomboy! Though I tend to prefer my armour-wearing, gun-toting sturdy men to be dark-haired. Very Happy

Still, I guess my softie secret is that I have tons of stuffed animals. They're remnants of my pink and pony loving youth, but each time I try to get rid of any of them I get all sentimental (at one point, they all had names, and unfortunately I remember most of them). At least only a few actually are pink and one of those is a shark, so its sharkness negates its pinkness. And most of the stuffed animals are tigers and bears! Those are ferocious and not at all laughable, right? ...Right?

As for Lady Gaga, her songs are catchy but I don't really like them. And because they get stuck in my head easily, I like them even less. Laughing
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Title : wondering and lost
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PostSubject: Re: Because we're just that tough...   Mon Jun 20, 2011 5:44 am

Daennika wrote:
So typical of you girls to like girlie things Very Happy I challenge a male person here to come forth with a "girlie" interest!

HAHAHA i would really like to see that on this site too. My boyfriend is gay, so i see this all the time. He has really opened my mind to the huge gender differences and expectancies we have. like have you noticed cross-dressing is only cross-dressing if a guy does it. you never see girls get shit for dressing in man clothes. i think men these days have too much masculinity pushed on them. i dont think your gender should limit you to what you can do or be. i think doing "girlie" things is the most manly of all, because your doing something that unexpected of you. it shows your a PERSON, and not your gender.
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PostSubject: Re: Because we're just that tough...   

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Because we're just that tough...
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