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 The Mando Archive

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PostSubject: The Mando Archive   Fri Mar 27, 2009 9:37 am

Submitted fan fiction stories on MandoBoard. If you have a link to a story you'd want to share please read the Story Submitting rules topic. If you would like to add a story that you did not write but is worth reading, please post a reply with the details (author, era, title, URL/link...)

Stories are sorted alphabetically by title, and of course by era/timeline. Unless specified, links go to the forum posts.
  • Legacy era (from 40 ABY and beyond)
    The Skull King Chronicles: Rise of the Skull King, by Dar Kyram
    By Way of the Trade, by Dar Kyram

  • New Republic era (from 10 ABY and beyond)
    Rage of the Shadow Warriors: Wrath of the Mandalore, by Quiet_Mandalorian
    Rage of the Shadow Warriors: Honor Guard, by Corran Fett

  • Empire era (from 19 BBY to roughly 10 ABY)
    Chronicles from Mandalore, by Daennika
    The Hurt Vector, by Anecdote
    Unfold, by Catika
    Tandem, by Tenna

  • Prequels era (between 40 BBY and roughly 19 BBY)
    Are These For Me?, by Anecdote
    The Clone Rebellion, by MadKrack
    Expectations, by Ms.MaraJade
    Gra'tua Bounty Hunter Kandosii, by Buruk
    Meat Cans, by Tenna
    Morale visit to Vevut Squad, by Daennika
    Republic Commando: Burdens, by Catika
    Republic Commando: Knight of Honor, by MsMaraJade
    The Oyre Effect, by mandomemory

  • Old Republic era (centuries/millenias before the Battle of Yavin)
    Ke'nu Ba'slana Ni, by Mesh'la Runi
    Solus, by Mesh'la Runi
    Collision Theories, by Catika

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The Mando Archive
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