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 Beskar'gam Project! MKI (photo heavy)

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Vlarden Terrath
Vlarden Terrath

Title : The mando with the cast iron stomach
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Beskar'gam Project! MKI (photo heavy) Empty
PostSubject: Beskar'gam Project! MKI (photo heavy)   Beskar'gam Project! MKI (photo heavy) I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 24, 2009 1:00 am

So, here's a little sneak peek into my armor thus far (keep in mind these pic's span about 2-3 years... I didn't have time or space to work on it till now)

First and foremost, the helmet I built it in the prop shop in my first college Sheridan, Technically I wasn't even supposed to be in there but I was on good terms with the prop master so he said "if you know how to, you're free to do whatever you like." And I did just that. his students weren't too fond of me because I was always peeking at their projects just because I like to understand how stuff is built. anywho. I had to make a positive mold out of molding clay easy when you have a reference and measurements then cast a negative, THEN make another positive using fiberglass. this took about 3 months of maybe 3 hours a week. Oh, and I used the metal shop to cut me an antenna.

then summer hit and the cleaning and painting began. I had a job at the local hardware store in my home town of Sarina. So I figured it would be the best place to find some decent paint. I decided on an exterior latex paint I chose a flat colour with the intention of going over it with a clear coat later I'll post process pics.

Beskar'gam Project! MKI (photo heavy) Mando_Helmets
In this picture is my helmet and Zacic's first crack at a scratch build bucket he used cardboard and instastone, I used fiberglass. you can see my measurements in the back

Beskar'gam Project! MKI (photo heavy) Sand_and_Prime
This is a solo shot of my helmet all sanded and primed and ready for its first coat of paint.


Beskar'gam Project! MKI (photo heavy) Fucking_paint
Unfortunately I apparently didn't sand it well enough. It was back to sanding again.

Beskar'gam Project! MKI (photo heavy) Paint_time_number_2__well_3
With the gray finally finally staying on I moved onto the second colour, a light tealy blue this went on without incident (thank god)

this was the semi-final product
Beskar'gam Project! MKI (photo heavy) Oldpaint

Beskar'gam Project! MKI (photo heavy) Bestvode
In this pic its just a buddy shot of me and Zacic with out visors installed. we used just a tinted grinding shield nothing too fancy, we were going to use them in the first place but we thought they would be too small. Zacic is sporting his brand spankin' new 3rd scratch build (he gave up on the other two). lookin sharp! lol

With that all said and done we decided to use TDH's armor templates and size them up using cardboard, like so:
Beskar'gam Project! MKI (photo heavy) Chest1
Beskar'gam Project! MKI (photo heavy) THEMIGHTYONE

And then after that was all set up we used our magic sintra and cut them out

Beskar'gam Project! MKI (photo heavy) 0515092339a

at that point I only had the two chests, center and thighs cut out.

And then in some strange turn of events (mainly seeing the paint that Zacic used I decided to hell with the house paint it looks like garbage! SO! we bought automotive paint, and boy am I glad I did.

Beskar'gam Project! MKI (photo heavy) Helmetrepaint2
Beskar'gam Project! MKI (photo heavy) Helmetsnewpaint

The red is Z and the blue is yours truly

on a side note, on the same day these last two pictures were taken we had a tiny little visitor who was looking for a helmet of his own.

Beskar'gam Project! MKI (photo heavy) Babysquirrel
feel free to be overwhelmed by the cuteness.

ANYWAY The weathering began.

Beskar'gam Project! MKI (photo heavy) 0527092323
Beskar'gam Project! MKI (photo heavy) 0527092316b
Beskar'gam Project! MKI (photo heavy) 0527092316a
Beskar'gam Project! MKI (photo heavy) 0527092316

After the weathering was complete I decided I wanted to put a little spin on my armor. I wanted to add trim.

Beskar'gam Project! MKI (photo heavy) 0527092315b
Beskar'gam Project! MKI (photo heavy) 0527092315a
Beskar'gam Project! MKI (photo heavy) 0528092352
Beskar'gam Project! MKI (photo heavy) 0530090020a
Beskar'gam Project! MKI (photo heavy) 0530090020b
Beskar'gam Project! MKI (photo heavy) 0530090020c
Beskar'gam Project! MKI (photo heavy) 0530090021

Seems like a great idea right? WRONG!. well ya you're right, it would have been a wicked cool idea had we not been put to a deadline of July 1st last week we were coming to the realization that the trim was too much of a hassle to deal with so we ended up ripping it all off. so my plates are back to the bare bones. Not that I mind or anything.

Onto the gun. you've all seen Zacic's modified Maverick gun, well this is what I'll be modifying.
Beskar'gam Project! MKI (photo heavy) 0530090023

it's going to be black and blue, it kinda reminds me of what I envisioned a Verp gun looking like. I could be terribly wrong of course Razz

So there you have it. Those are all of the pictures I have thus far. we've been working for a bit without taking any so ya, be ready for a huge update soon.

OH! and before I forget.
This is me and Zacic at Sarnia's annual artwalk.
Beskar'gam Project! MKI (photo heavy) FettaCheese
Beskar'gam Project! MKI (photo heavy) NewImage

That's all for now Ner vode!
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Beskar'gam Project! MKI (photo heavy)
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