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 A fatalistic GAR Lt and his troops

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Title : Just a simple man trying to make his way in the universe.
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A fatalistic GAR Lt and his troops Empty
PostSubject: A fatalistic GAR Lt and his troops   A fatalistic GAR Lt and his troops I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 24, 2009 11:05 pm

Lt. Reaper is the very picture of a clone soldier waging war for the republic- standing 6'1", strongly built, and with a perpetual 5 o clock shadow, Reaper could be a poster boy for the war effort.

Reaper earned his name in a very grim way. Reaper is given orders, and missions many would call suicide. The GAR brass never expect him to return, but he always does somehow. He's a hard man to kill, to understate it. Where whole squads, and platoons fall, he will always survive, and go on to return to base. Reaper, to his chargin, has wondered if this occurance is really luck, or if someone up higher wants to have him killed discretely. This concerns him, because he has befriended many in his new platoon. He does not want his men to pay the price for a vendetta against him.
Something else tugs at his mind, but he's unsure what it is.

Reaper has a finely crafted blaster rifle, given to him as a gift by a fellow trooper. He never uses it in the field, preferring to keep it at the barracks. The man who made it for him has a large collection of trophy weapons, but Reaper hasn't told on him.

Trooper Triple

Not much on this man yet, but three things. His name was earned by his tendency to score triple kills. His first kills in battle were three droidekas, back to back to back.
He likes to tease trooper Remo for being a gearhead. And, ironically enough, he uses most of
Remo's modified weaponry.

Trooper Remo

Remo is a straight up gearhead. If it can be taken apart and improved, he'll do it.
If it can be taken apart just to see what makes it tick, he'll do that too. He's good friends with Jet Trooper Flare, and has produced a lot of cutting edge equipment for him. He also supplies
Tripple with a lot of repeater blaster arms.

Trooper Que

Que draws his name from his willingness to volunteer to be the first one dirtside on a new planet.
Unknown to all but his close friends, he does this to take souvenirs from the trip. He has a large collection of exotic and alien weapons and artifacts. While this is against regulations, Reaper permits it.

Jet Trooper Flare

Flare is the most recent addition to the platoon- he was just transferred. Flare is the most gung ho of Reaper's close friends. Possessed of a daring nature, Flare will often test Remo's more dangerous inventions. Flare enjoys this, as Remo has cooked up some real fireworks for him, and some powerful jetpacks as well. Flare is still rather distant from the rest of the men, and Reaper keeps an eye on him. He can't shake the feeling Flare has some baggage as well.

next post will discuss the commando squad Gamma
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A fatalistic GAR Lt and his troops
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