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 A Noble Death

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Kal Venku
Kal Venku

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PostSubject: A Noble Death   A Noble Death I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 13, 2009 4:22 pm

This was my very first story, and when I say that, I mean my first. I was in the middle of making my Mandalorian vs Republic battle when I kinda fell back a few feet, feelings wise. It isn't all that great, mostly because I use the same words over and over again. It is very dark and depressing, as was my life at the time, so don't read if you don't like that. Hope you enjoy.


A Mandalorian is sand gold armor is trapped by a group of aliens. They incircle him, weapons drawn. The Mandalorian raises his rifle, and starts to fire, killing the ones closes to him. A couple of heads exploded as the blaster bolts hit the group, but the group kept coming. He called for his comrads to come and help him, but nobody was close to him. He kept on firing and trying to save his ammo, but they kept coming, firing. But the Mandalorian's armor and shields took the blaster fire. Parts of the armor started to turn black, and a blaster bolt hit the Mandalorian's arm, causing him to drop his blaster rifle. He draws a pistol, and starts firing, as one alien charges out with a sword. The Mandalorian fire, hitting it in the chest, causing it to fall next to him. The Mandalorian picks up the sword with his good hand and fires the pistol with the other. He had to hold out for 5 minutes, but it didn't look like he was going to make it. He shot another alien, then cut another's arm off then raised it to the aliens head, cutting it off.

Then there was a sharp pain in his leg, he looked down to see a swordcoming out of his leg above the shin guard, blood dripping out. He looked at the timer on his Heads Up Display, reading it, 3 minutes 29 seconds. He sighed, knowing now he wasn't going to get out alive. But knowing that, he fought to take down as many of the aliens down as possable. He shot the alien, a Bothan, in the head, showering brain matter over his golden armor. He cut off the legs of another Bothan. He stagged under the wieght he was putting on his wounded leg. He looked at the timer again, 2 minutes, 54 seconds. He sighed. He blocked another attack at his legs with his sword, then bashed his attacker with his helmet, Mandalorian beskar meeting human skull, causing the mans head to spilt open.

There was a space between the Mandalorian and the group of aliens and humans. He raised his sword arm and shot out a jet of flame at them. The first couple ranks burned, falling to the ground, but it didn't stop all of them. Someone with a sword again jumped at the Mandalorian, cutting down at the sword arm, the Mandalorian blocked, but lost the sword. He ejected the blade from his wrist and stabbed the man in the throut. He shot another but was stabbed stabbed in the upper leg, then in the upper chest.

He looked at the timer again, it read 0 minutes, 05 seconds. He laughed, making the heads turn of the ones closest to him. "You are all dead, you shabla chakaars." He said, just as the first blaster bold from his Mandalorians comrads. The cut and killed their way to their fallen friend. The golden Mandalorian saw his comrads coming for him, and shot the ones closest to him, but he knew he was dying. He picked up a sword and cut off the legs of another Bothen and laughed again, but coughed up blood.

When his comrads came were finished, one in red armor came running up to him. She took off his helmet, showing his face. He had long hair and a scar running down his face. She took off her helmet and kissed his cheek. He said something in Mandalorian to her and coughed one more time and died. She rested her head on his, trying not to cry. She put her helmet back on and looked down at the body. She took off his shoulder pad, gleeming in the sun. She took off one of hers, and replaced it with the golden shoulder pad. She then took the helmet, and placed it on a hook on her belt. "Get a fire started, he needs a warrors pyre. Leave the armor on." She said, looking to the others. "Then let's hunt down these chakaars."....
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A Noble Death
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