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 Unknown Warriors

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Kal Venku
Kal Venku

Title : Striilir'alor
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PostSubject: Unknown Warriors   Unknown Warriors I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 21, 2009 1:09 pm

Ok, just to let you know, this is a Mandalorian group in World War II on the side of the USA. If you don't like it, well there isn't much I can do with it. I am a little scared to post this because of some thoughts of World War II and stuff. But I am going to do it anyways. This is the intro.


A soldier in white armor sat just behind the tree line, rifle across his lap. It was snowing, making it easier for him to hide from the enemy. He looked out across the snowy field to the other tree line. He looked through the visor of his helmet, seeing if he can spot any of the enemy soldiers. He respected his enemy, the Germans used the weather to cover their attack against the Amercian line. He spotted a German, and raised his rifle. An old looking rifle, by his standerds, it was an outdated slug thrower, but a powerful one at that. He worked the bolt and took his helmet off. He looked through the scope, one that he personally made, and put the German in the crosshairs. He took in a deep breath and steady his aim. He fired, and a split second after the shot, the German slumped into his foxhole.

There was a deep sigh from the soldier as he lowered his rifle, laying it in his lap. He picked up his helmet and placed it on his head. There was a chuckle behind him, and he turn to see another similarly armored soldier, also in white. "Su'cuy gar, Captain. How is the hunting?" The soldier asked, sitting down next to the Captain.

"Pretty good so far, Sergeant Skirata. Still haven't found me, but there is a lot of movement. I am thinking they are going to attack soon." The captain said, looking through his visor. He turned to the other soldier, "Go wake the men. Tell them to ready lock and load. Send a runner to O'Neil's platoon, tell him that we have movement, and they are heading their way."

"Yes, Captain." The sergeant said, walking backwards from the captain's postion, careful not to cause movement in the brush. When he was far enough, he turned and jogged back to the camp.

The captain turned to his spotter, a young unarmored soldier of the natives here. "So, private, what did you think of that shot?" He asked the private.

"Nice...shot, captain. I didn't know...where he was untill he fell." The young soldier said, shivering in the cold. He was wearing light clothing for this area. His unit was brought up from farther south of the advantce into Germany. He also had a heavy cloth blanket around him. In the confusing American retreat, he was separated from his unit. The Captain's company, an elite guard unit, covered the American retreat around a small town, and saved many of the scattered American soldier's, inculding the private. "Sir, may I ask you a question?" The private asked.

"Sure, questions and opinions are always allowed in my company." The Captain said, looking out at the snowy field. He scaned the field, looking for movement.

"Who are you, and your men, who are they?" He asked, looking at the strange armor soldier. He looked on the shoulder pad of the captain, it show a skull of some kind, with tusks curved around the teeth of the skull.

"We are Mandalorians. Warriors from another planet. Now, before you say thats not true, let me asure you, it is." The captain said, looking down at the soldier. The soldier looked into the T-shaped visor of the helmet. "My name is Kal Venku, formor commander of the Mandalorian Army, now Captain of the United States of America. I would tell you more, but..." He was cut off at the sound of distant thunder. "A battle is about to begin." He chuckled.
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Kal Venku
Kal Venku

Title : Striilir'alor
Number of posts : 15
Planet/System : Manda'yaim
Credits : 21
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Registration date : 2009-06-18

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PostSubject: Re: Unknown Warriors   Unknown Warriors I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 21, 2009 2:55 pm

Sorry for the double post, but I typed a lot again.


"What do you.." The soldier begin to ask as artillary shells rained down on O'Neil's postion to the north.

"Osik!" Kal crused in Mando'a. The private looked up at Kal, shocked at how many shells were falling down on left flank. "Stay put, private. Watch the front line and don't shoot." He said, pointing at the German line. He got up and ran back to the camp. "Weapons ready. Make a line. The Germans probably don't know we're here, so they might come this way."

The Mandalorians, all in white armor to match the snow, started to move at once, getting closer to the tree line. Kal picked up a submachine gun, one that the American soldiers called a Thompson. He pulled out the drum magazine, not standard issue, and looked if it was full. It was and put the drum back into the gun while he walked back to the private. "How is it going?" He asked, looking at him.

"Sir, it looks like they are coming this way." He said, readying his M1 Granad. He fumbled with the magazine, trying to put into his with cold fingers.

Kal pulled out a pair of gloves, not as good as the one's he had on now, but a pair. He handed them to the private. "Whats your name?" Kal asked, looking at the private.

The private put the gloves on, flexed his hands and looked at Kal. "Private Johnny Murphey, part of the 101st." The young private said, reloading his rifle with ease this time. He aimed his rifle down at the other tree line.

"Well, private, welcome to the Mandalorian Company. I want you to stay here and don't fire untill my men do. Understood?" Kal asked, looking down at him.

"Yes sir." The young soldier said strongly, looking down his sight.

Kal smiled, and walked slowly down the line. Mandalorians carrying American weapons, mostly M1 Granads like Private Murphey, but modded to the way they like them. Other's carrying Springfield sniper rifles like the sniper rifle Kal used earlier, then there was the machine gunners. Sergeant Skirata was carrying a Browning Automatic Rifle, a light machine gun, while others had Browning .30 calibers and even a few .50 calibers, even though they had to get them from the Air Force.

"Alor'ad." One of the Mandalorians near him called out. "They are coming up." He pointed at the Germans walking in the open.

"Thanks, Galaar. Spread the word down the line. Don't fire untill they more than half way across the field." Kal said, looking at the oncoming Germans. He walked back to Murphey. "Ready?" Kal asked, placing his Thompson down and picking up his Springfield. He reloaded it and looked at Murphey.

"As ready as I will ever be." Murphey said, still looking at the oncoming Germans.

"Ok, when we're finished with this line, we're going to have to move, and fast. That artillary will shift when word gets back to them that there are men here." Kal explained. "Get ready. Pick your targets, private. Give them two shots each, got it?"

"I got it." He said, voice a little shakey.

When the Germans got almost to the tree line, Kal fired. The round went right into one of the lead German's head. The body dropped to the ground as the rest of the Mandalorian Company opened fired. Many of the large machine guns banged away as they fired busts into the groups of men, while there were controled two round pop-pops of M1s going off. Murphey fired twice into this German, making him drop.

The German line started to scatter, some running back to their own tree line, others dropping to the ground untill the fire would stop, and then the more crazy or stupid ones running head on into the wall of lead the Mandalorians were putting up. They were easly cut down.

Kal got out of his foxhole and walked into the field, taking Murphey by surprise. He walked into sight of the retreating Germans, who stopped to see their enemy. Kal dipped his head in respect of the Germans, and order two of his Mandalorians out of their postions. "The people of this world has a rule about war." The two Mandalorians chuckled and Kal contuned. "Take a squad, pick up their wounded and bring them back to them. We may be able to buy some time before they bring the artillary down on us."

"Yes, captain." They said, moving quickly.

"Do one of you speak English?" Kal called out to Germans. The Germans looked at each other, confused. "Well, do you? I have a deal to make with you." He yelled.

One of them stepped foward, saying "Ja, I do."

"Good. If it is alright with your commanding officer, I would like to give your men an one hour cease fire so you can recover your men. You took a heavy casulties on that attack, and it would be ashame to leave them to die here." Kal said, walking foward, confandent that his armor will provent any bullets from harming him.

"Let me see." The German said, running back into their treeline.

Skirata ran up with his BAR and looked at the Germans looking at Kal. He chuckled. "You have them scared shitless, sir." He said over the com.

"I do. Why don't you make them think we're not all bad." Kal said, looking at Eyayah.

"Alright." He said, taking his helmet off. He pulled out a pack of cigars from his belt and took one in his mouth. "Lighter?" He asked, looking at the Germans, acting as if he was lighting his cigar. One of the Germans nodded and pulled out a match and lit the cigar for Eyayah. In return, Eyayah handed the German a cigar, just as the English speaking German came back.

"My commanding officer says thank you for considering our men's lives more than the other Americans do. Because you requested it and that you're not following up with a counterattack, we shall have an hour cease fire." The German spoke, looking at Kal, then back at Eyayah, who had his cigar out of his mouth. The German then added, "And you have my personal thanks for not slaughtering all my men, it seems like you have the power to."

"I do, but I rather not overextend myself." Kal said, tilting his head. The thunder behind the German line stopped, and Kal smiled to himself. "And, I don't like worthless killing. Some of my men will help yours. If you want, your men may trade food stuff with mine. After all, we're all brothers of war."

"So, may I have one of his cigars?" The German asked, looking at Eyayah, who chuckled.

"Sure, buddy. You can have one. I shocked up before we were shipped off." The sergeant smiled, pulling out another cigar. "Home made, by the way."

"Really?" The German asked, looking at Eyayah. He sniffed the cigar, and smiled. The German who got one already had lit his and was blowing smoke rings. He smiled and spoke in German. "He says its very good."

"Well, you two keep each other company, while my men will help yours. I already have a squad gathering your wounded." Kal said, walking away.
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Unknown Warriors
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