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 Unexpected Encounter

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Eyayah Skirata
Eyayah Skirata

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PostSubject: Unexpected Encounter   Unexpected Encounter I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 21, 2009 1:24 pm

After seeing the new Transformers movie...about 5 times as well as inspired by my fellow ner vod's, Kal Venku, Halo x Mando story. I had to make a Transformers x Mando crossover. Enjoy.

This is only the first part. More is to come.

Caution: One-sided violence

Brief Glossary:
Tok’kad! - Retreat!
Ver’alor - Lieutenant
Manda'lor - Sole Ruler
Jorhaa'ir’alor - Communications' Officer (OT: Speak officer)
(OT - Original Translation)


A group of Mandalorians walked in single file, blasters ready, as they approached an overlooking cliff. The lead Mando raised a fist and everyone behind came to a halt as a strong wind raked through the trees. They spread out on the cliff’s edge as a large shadowed form changed forms and landed on two sharply-angled legs on a rocky outcropping.

“What the heck is it?” A Mando in dark silver armor muttered as his built-in rangefinder zoomed in on the form.

The form was roughly shaped, yet humanoid in construction with an elongated head and high shoulders. A two pairs of glowing red optics looked over where they were, narrowing, as it shifted its position before a staff appeared in its grasp and then it disappeared.

“What the…Fierfek! It’s gone…” another Mando exclaimed, panning the area.

There was a crackle and then silence. “Communications are dead!”

“Get them back…” The lead Mandalorian ordered, which faded into chaos.

There was a loud crushing of foliage and an enormous metal foot came down in the middle of the startled group. The sheer concussion of its landing sent some of them tumbling over the edge of the cliff, while others were jarred off their feet. Crouching low, the form with the crimson inhuman eyes looked at them – narrowing – as an eight-fingered hand came down, missing those who remained. Its head angled in sharp directions as pointed appendages on either side rippled, for its eyes to its chin, like a centipede’s legs.

“Bow or face my wrath…” A sharp, yet merciless voice snarled down at them for the gigantic form looming over them.

Before they could reply, the enormous dark metallic form vanished – obviously unimpressed by their slow response. The group of Mandalorians did a role call as the air went quiet again, only for a moment. They leveled their rifles on another form – much smaller than the one that was once before them – that bound through the thick foliage like a nexu, but its foot falls were more rapid and heavier than a the native predator with a faint mixing of mechanical hydraulics.

“Raise Dha now, Ver'alor!” The lead Mando ordered as the sound quieted, unsuspectedly. “Ver’alor?!”

There was a cry as well as a flash of a metallic form. The metallic form snarled, standing over the ver’alor, teeth gleaming with fresh blood. Its lone crimson optic narrowed as a throaty growl rumbled in its throat as it snapped its mouth closed threateningly. Most of the other Mandalorians looked at each other, unsure what the metallic creature was.

Tok’kad!” was all the order they were given.

They had too as the metallic creature shifted its attention to them and charged them. It was armed. They didn’t have their jetpacks, because this was suppose to be a ground mission on an uninhabited world. In, out and done without any complications. The ground shook as something large crashed through the foliage, knocking down trees, as a large hand swiped raked the treetops. A hand grabbed one of the Mandalorians and lifted into the air. The others scattered, trying to stay alive.

“They’re fleshlings, but…” A hissed voice questioned as he looked at the squirming form in his grasp. “They wear such feeble armor.”

“Feeble? You never met a Mando before.” The Mandalorian protested, aiming his flamethrower at the closest weakness. Its red eyes. Then fired.

Out of sheer panic than fear, a cry left the metal giant as he released the armored fleshling. Another more roughly-sculpted form appeared, hitting the smaller bronze form, snarling. “You’re pathetic, Starscream.”

The Mando tumbled through the tree cover, disappearing, before seizing a branch – stopping his descent. There was a snarl below him, making him look back over his shoulder to see the metallic creature from before there, looking up at him with its single crimson eyes – snarling. It must’ve been just a diversion as a hand reached through the foliage, nabbing him from his perch, and with communications down – there was no way to get a hold of base camp or the other Mando’ade who were with him.

“Pathetic fleshing.” A far rougher form snarled, looking at the Mando. “You’ll meet the same fate as your companions.”

The metallic creature bound after survivors, trying to flee, forcing them to turn back like a trained dog to sheep. Rounding them up. Its leader cast aside the lifeless corpse and looked at the group that Ravage had gathered before leveling his main weapon directing at them, firing at point-blank range.

At the Mandalorian base camp, the Mandos there looked in the direction of the noise and then to each other. Something was up. The Communications’ officer tried to raise the scout party that were out in the field, only to get static on his end, but nothing in the way of a broadcast.

He looked back to the Manda’lor stand behind him. “We can’t raise them, sir. This world is not inhabited as far as we know, right?”

The Manda’lor looked at him and then out the slit of the Com tent towards the large plume of smoke in the distance. “It seem not, Jorhaa'ir’alor. It seems not.”
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Unexpected Encounter
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