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 Star Wars: Dark Times [BEWARE SPOILERS]

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Star Wars: Dark Times [BEWARE SPOILERS] Empty
PostSubject: Star Wars: Dark Times [BEWARE SPOILERS]   Star Wars: Dark Times [BEWARE SPOILERS] I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 05, 2009 11:51 pm

So I was flipping through my Dark Times issues 'cause I was bored and wanted to read them again. And because I started a thread on Legacy, I thought I'd post one for Dark Times as well.

All in all, Dark Times started out interesting, but it tapered off after the first story arc 'cause the story ended on such a flat note.

I love the characters, 'cause its the only title I've seen that have such an array of aliens really in the focus of the story, not all humans. Actually, Dass Jennir and Crys Taanzer are the only prominent humans in the story line.

I like reading about Dass Jenner, especially in the current Blue Harvest story arc. Its good to see him come forward again, because he has some interesting potential as an ex-Jedi loner lost in the galaxy gone mad.

The other cast consists of the crew of the Uhumele. A mottly crew of aliens who've all been exposed to the Clone Wars and have tale of their own. From the first book to the last arc so far, its been interesting to see characters die and get lost to the Dark Times of the Empire. The only one that's really effected me was seeing Crys die, catching the rakghoul plague. It was a shame to see her die, simply because she was a pretty attractive character, she had an interesting story, and I enjoyed seeing a human be the minority in the cast.

The writing is good, the stories...eh, okay. The first arc, like I said, started strong but ended on a flat note. The other arcs were interesting but the art was less than enjoyable. Doug Wheatley did the art for the first arc and he's back for the latest arc so that's a good plus.

It was an unfortunate blow for Dark Times after its participation in the massive cross-over Vector segment, because it was side lined for nearly six months for...ugh...MORE Clone Wars. We all know my feelings about that garbage, so I'll leave it at that.

To finish off my post, I wanted to show what I found tonight in issue 2. Bomo Greenbark and Dass Jennir are brought into the captian's quarters of the Uhumele, where Captain Schurk-Heren [shown in the picture] decides to discuss their plans for escaping New Plympto. In the background, of what looks to be his collection of trophies, I saw what was clearly a Mandalorian helmet. I find that an interesting little easter egg that I never noticed before.

Star Wars: Dark Times [BEWARE SPOILERS] IMG_0562

So does anyone else read this series?
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Star Wars: Dark Times [BEWARE SPOILERS] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Star Wars: Dark Times [BEWARE SPOILERS]   Star Wars: Dark Times [BEWARE SPOILERS] I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 12, 2009 10:18 am

Ah, so Dass Jennir is in this series. Now that you've mentioned it I think I'm going to give it a try. You see, I've seen him in the Clone Wars series and I think I like him.
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Star Wars: Dark Times [BEWARE SPOILERS]
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