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 Mandalore the Prudent

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PostSubject: Mandalore the Prudent   Mandalore the Prudent I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 28, 2011 8:49 am

''Mandalore is divided into pieces, governor. And I have not enough pieces to effectively make a whole of it.'' Uther Pendragon was the 'rightful' Mandalore of his people, yet he wasn't the one who controlled the system. He couldn't even get to get one planet under his command. Fort Cabur was the only stronghold he still had. If Cabur fell, his reign was over.

His ally and trusted adviser, Merlin often came to see him and talk about the situation. He was governor on the moon of Concordia were problems also began to ensue. The feared Mandalorians were shattered into several splinter groups, the Black Watch being the largest of them.

''I know a way to save your people, my lord. But you will need to give something up.'' The governor said. He had a calm and low voice, which had a calming effect on many people.

''Tell me! I will give up everything for the Mandalorian people!'' Uther said eagerly. His sorrow faded and he was enthusiastically awaiting the saving words of Merlin.

''Give me your son.'' Merlin slowly said, looking right in Uther's eyes, which were full of confusion and fear. His son? Why? How could his son save him and his people? He is only a few months old! Merlin knew what was troubling Uther and said: ''Don't worry my lord. I will prepare him to become the next Mandalore. I will teach him everything, from sword fighting to literature.

''Alright then. But promise me-'' Uther said when he opened the door to the baby's room. ''I promise.'' Merlin said and he got the little and fragile child from his bed. The baby immediately began to cry. Merlin swayed the child slowly and carefully in his arms and the child fell asleep again.

''What you're going to do now, my lord?'' Merlin asked.
''I'm going to Cabur. I can't afford to lose that stronghold. I will be back soon enough.''

But he didn't come back.

Note: This is my first try for the prologue. Hope you enjoy! Ow, some feedback would be appreciated.
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Mandalore the Prudent
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