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 Court Marshal? I Don't Think So

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Court Marshal? I Don't Think So Empty
PostSubject: Court Marshal? I Don't Think So   Court Marshal? I Don't Think So I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 03, 2012 7:50 am

Kad - Saber
Jettii - Jedi
Vod - Brother/Sister
Vode - Brothers/Sisters
Cyar'ika - Sweetheart, Beloved, etc
Osik - Shit

Right Na Na Na by Akon

Break Your Heart by Taio Cruz

Star Wars: Clone Wars and everyone associated with it belong to LucasFilms Ltd.

Ilori, River, Tita, Roni (Rowena) belong to me


"I Wanna Make Up Right Now Na Na,

I Wanna Make Up Right Now Na Na,

Wish We Never Broke Up Right Now Na Na,

We Need To Link Up Right Now Na Na,

I Wanna Make Up Right Now Na Na,

I Wanna Make Up Right Now Na Na,

Wish We Never Broke Up Right Now Na Na,

We Need To Link Up Right Now Na Na...

She wasn't really dancing right now, more like just swaying to the beat of it. She waited for the beat to come, though, knowing Tita, she was trying to calm her down and wouldn't let the beat pick up. She needed a fast pounding beat...or she'd soon go running.

"Was there something I missed," a girl whispered to the other two occupants in the room, staring at the woman's back. She was practically drowning everyone with tension. It was in her legs, her shoulders her back and was flowing off of her to fill up the tiny room and making the others tense up. The tiny winged sister flew over to her ear so the woman swaying couldn't hear them. She leaned in close.

"Jesse and Fives were thrown into lock up...their waiting for a court marshal," Ilori whispered quietly. River winced. Not good. She was...really surprised that the woman was here and not tearing through the halls to get to the detention area.

The woman just kept swaying, completely ignoring the eyes boring into her neck, waiting at any moment for the beat to pick up

When the song still refused to pick up its tempo, she whirled around,"Change the song."

"What," Tita asked

"Change the damn song! It's...not beating enough," she said, going over to knock her out of the way of the computer,"It's too slow."

"Now Listen To Me Baby

Before I Love And Leave You

They Call Me Heart Breaker

I Don't Wanna Decieve You~

He was in lock up. He'd gone on a secret mission with NO word to her, saved all their shebs, and got put in lock up for his actions.

Roni danced. She danced and danced to the music pouring through the speakers and wrapping her up in the song. But it just seemed like she was getting wrapped in vinegar and it was making her angrier

"If You Fall For Me

I'm Not Easy To Please

I'mma Tear You Apart

Told You From The Start, Baby From The Start.

I'm Only Gonna Break Break Ya Break Break Ya Heart.

I'm Only Gonna Break Break Ya Break Break Ya Heart.

I'm Only Gonna Break Break Ya Break Break Ya Heart.

I'm Only Gonna Break Break Ya Break Break Ya Heart.

I'm Only Gonna Break Break Ya Break Break Ya Heart!

"Roni," River said slowly,"We know your...upset about your cyar'ika being put into lock up...but busting your eardrum out won't help!"

"Upset," she asked, stopping dead in her dance and turned to her,"UPSET! I'm beyond upset now, vod'ika. Have you SEEN this General's casualty rates?"


"His is the HIGHEST out of all the jettii! HI-GHEST, River! I've NEVER seen a man with rates this high! What does that tell you about him?

"He's a bad leader?"

"He doesn't CARE about us clones," she said exasperatedly and started pacing," You've seen his tactics. You've seen how he leads...oh wait, he DOESN'T! He stays in the back nice and safe while our friends go on all out attacks and get cut down! Then, he has the GALL to yell at them for being incompetent dumb asses for HIS flaws!"


"How the HELL do you think he's going to feel about two clones going against his orders? Candy and a slap on the wrist?

She turned to her with a pained look,"He's being court marshaled, Riv. COURT MARSHALED!"

All three immediately knew where their sisters thoughts were right then and Tita stepped in.

"Hey. Just because it's a court marshal doesn't mean their going to be executed," she tried to soothe,"They're going to have a trial-"

"A trial that di'kutla sheb of a general can control!"

"Ilori, you're not helping. He's a jettii, Roni. He'll give them a fair trial!"

"Jettii have gone bad! It's not like they can't fall prey to anger! This one HAS anger! In his yelling and whenever he seems to look at clones!"

"You saw how he threatened Fives before with that filthy kad! I wouldn't put it past him."

"Ilori! Please," Tita begged at the cross little fairy before turning to Roni,"Your upset. That's what's making you not think clearly, vod. You know jettii would't do such a thing-"

"No wonder you and Dogma get along so well."

"Let's go to the gym," River popped back in as Tita's face turned red at the subtle insult,"you can take out your frustrations there..."

"I don't need the gym. I need my baby," she yelled before whirling around angrily and stomping her foot,"I need JESSE!"

With that, she went to the door and flung it open and stormed out towards the containment areas. The others in the room watched after her

"Wait," River finally shouted and scrambled after her,"Roni, WAIT!"

But she didn't. The black clad figure stomped down the hallways of the base, making a straight and determined line towards the containment areas with three of her sisters on her heels, two of them trying to stop her and one flew to her shoulder and plopped herself down, encouraging her.

"Fight for thy love, Ron," Ilori cheered,"Lets go see our boys! No atin vod ee di'kulta chaakar of a general is going to stop us!"

They made it to the detention center with quite a few sideways glances from troopers they met as they went there, though most just seemed to be on Ilori. Made sense. Roni doubted that they had ever seen a fairy before. Aaaand Ilori was quite beautiful, Roni had a feeling that that was a factor as well. But she didn't doubt it was the look on her face either. She'd seen pictures of her determined face...

Even she admitted it was a little scary


A trooper crossed the room and was coming towards them as they stepped through the door

"Roni, you can't be in he-,"he cut off, stopping in his tracks, and held out his hands saying,"Roni DON'T!"

Too late. Roni had brought her two index fingers together in the form of a gun lifted them up suddenly as if they had a kick. Every clone was thrown back by a force and were paralyzed in their positions as soon as it left them. They couldn't move their bodies, but their eyes were darting all over the room and some who knew, and had felt Roni's power before, followed her track to the elevator. She flicked the button and crossed her arms as she went down, mumbling a quiet apology to everyone in the room.


"I got it," the winged sister said, staying up in the air as she went down,"Say hey to Fives for me?"

"You got it."


Both men were up to the force field keeping them in as she descended. Both had their hands cuffed behind them and slightly sour looks on their faces. She felt special that when they saw who their visitor was, they immediately brightened up and grinned.

"Hey," she said as she stepped off, talking to Fives but looking at Jesse,"thats what Ilori says, Fives."

"She's up there?"

"I had her stand guard. River and Tita are behind us

"Good to know we're so loved."

"They're trying to stop us."

"Oh," Fives chuckled,"You and Ilori annoying Tita again?"

"Maybe," she said never taking her eyes off of Jesse the whole time,"Now..."

"What happened...exactly?"

As both men stumbled to explain, Roni's face went from neutral, to curious, to proud, shocked, sad, confusion...

Then it turned ugly and she slammed her hands against the field when they finished,"This isn't FAIR!"

"I know it's not, cyar'ika," Jesse said and leaned his head where her hands were,"I know. But we'll get out. I promise."

"How do you know? I KNEW something was wrong with him! Something IS wrong with him! There's NO way he's a kriffin peace loving jettii! He's IS going to influence your case!"

"Roni, listen," Jesse tried to sooth with his voice, but only got her attention,"The captain is going to talk with Krell and try to get us out-"

"How won't listen! He HATES clones!"

"Yes," he agreed," but he's also a jettii. He's honorable enough...if a little demented."

"A LITTLE,"she pouted slightly (she'd never admit it) and laid her head against the field,"You sound like Tita..."

"Hey," Jesse scolded slightly,"where's that hotheaded never-give-up girl I love?"

"She disappeared to go kill Krell."

"I wouldn't doubt it," he laughed.

"This one's here to free you."

"Roni, no," he said straightening up to look at her

"Yes, I am," she said,"I knocked out the guards, I can get Tita and the others to help smuggle you out-"

"I thought they were trying to STOP you?"

"I can convince them!"

"Out to where, Roni," Fives stepped in and up to the field again,"Umbara is enemy territory. The Umbarans have seen enough of our faces to know what we look like..."

"How? It's too dark."

"Lets be careful and say they do," Jesse said,"We couldn't go anywhere else Republic, Krell will have it out that we're wanted for a court marshal!"

"You could desert."

The words seemed to float in the air between them and stick to the field. Both men stared at her blankly for a long while before looking to each other. They looked back to her hopeful face and slowly shook their heads

"We can't."


"We won't leave you or our brothers-"

"You will be leaving us for good if you stay!"

Her harsh look melted away to leave her lips trembling as she looked away for a second down to her hands,"I don't want to leave you here..."

Jesse chuckled," I don't want to stay here...but you've got to."

"I don't want you killed while I'm not looking," she whispered quietly, tracing his face through the force field. He leaned against it slightly as if he could almost feel her fingers through it. She could see goosebumps raise slightly on his skin. Fives looked and turned away to give them at least a little privacy.

"Oh, I don't count," he couldn't help but joke. Roni rolled her eyes.

"Iloni would kick my shebs if I left you. So would I."

"Aww, love you too."

She snorted and turned back to Jesse staring at him intently.

"Roni," he murmured," I don't want you to get in osik if you free us.

"It'd be my choice.

"Not mine," he rumbled,"You know I'd never have you put yourself in trouble because of me."

"Little hard to do when I WANT to get in trouble because of you."

"Rowena," he said sternly and Roni flinched from her whole name,"No. Don't even try it. I don't want you to and I'll fight you the whole way."

Roni bit down hard, clenching her jaw at him. Her eyes flickered over to Fives slightly and she asked once more:

"...safe and sound?"

"I promise."

"You better Jesse. Or I'm going to bring you back and kill you myself, you bastard."

"Hey," he said,"come closer."

She looked up at him, but leaned her head against the field again. Jesse knocked his head where her's was, trying to give her a Keldabe Kiss. To aruetii, it was a headbut. To a Mandalorian, it was a kiss when they had helmets on.


When Roni came up, she found Tita talking in harsh whispers to Iloni, who was standing her ground against her. But as soon as Roni was up, the talks died down, and Iloni seated herself on her sister's shoulder again. River and Tita stared at her, shocked that Jesse wasn't with her. And it was apparently shared by the troopers in the room, widening eyes and confusion in them giving it away. The two girls rushed over to look down into cells and were even more shocked to see Jesse and Fives staring up at them. From INSIDE the cells.

"You didn't try to free him," Ilori asked the question on everyone's mind

"I tried. He wouldn't let me," she grumbled grudgingly. Ilori sighed.

"These men," she teased and grinned,"why do they have to be so chivalrous to us?"

Roni chuckled,"I have no idea..."

As they left, (Tita shooed River out after them) Tita sighed tiredly and looked around the room to the slowly moving troopers. Her eyes started glowing white, and the color came to the men's eyes as well and they stopped moving altogether to give her their undivided attention. Her eyes shut and she sighed again deeply. White wisps started to come from their heads and formed into a ball in her hand which she slowly crushed. She left the room, leaving the men to ponder one thing:

What happened
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Court Marshal? I Don't Think So
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