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Mandalorian enthusiasts, ahoy! Whether you are a Fandalorian, avid Karen Traviss reader, Clone Wars buff or simply a Boba Fett admirer... we salute you!
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 Attention Fandalorians! :)

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Nephill Kilner
Nephill Kilner

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Attention Fandalorians! :) Empty
PostSubject: Attention Fandalorians! :)   Attention Fandalorians! :) I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 11, 2013 9:20 pm

Attention Fandalorians! :) Mandaloriancolorbylivio

Hello all,

I am a part of a new Star Wars play-by-post RPG called Tales of the Galaxy. Set in 534 ABY, we have an original plotline and are just getting started with plenty of opportunities for our "founding members." I head the Mandalorians and manage the faction, and have put a considerable amount of work into what I think will be an innovative and enduring Mando faction on an RPG board - something that all those familiar with Mandos on RPG boards, is something that is desperately needed.

I will summarize succintly the Mando situation:

It has been generations since the clans have been unified under a lasting Mand'alor. Declaring oneself Mand'alor in this Warring Clans Period was an instant death sentence - the clans did not seek unification, and would send their best champions until the would-be Mand'alor lay dead. In this time, the clans have sparked bitter rivalries and developed in two separate paths.

Now, two major factions have emerged unifying the members behind these two sentiments. The Darasuum Confederation is a coalition of Mandalorians who would incorporate foreign ideas into Mandalorian society, such as a reformed, centralized government, a foreign-tailored economy, urbanization, and a new military along with countless other changes. The Vencuyanir Movement as arisen to combat what they see as a heretical movement, and embody all traditional Mandalorian beliefs and are fighting as underdogs under a man named Cuyan who may well be the first Mand'alor the clans have had in centuries.

The two are now facing off in a "Second Mandalorian Civil War," a combination of guerrilla and conventional battles that will determine the fate of the Mandalorian people. This is a time for glory, for honor to be won. Indeed, in these changing times, Mandalorians are different then they've ever been before.

Intrigued you? I hope so.

Check us out: http://swtotg.freeforums.net/index.cgi

Mandos: http://swtotg.freeforums.net/index.cgi?board=facmando&action=display&thread=12

Hope to pick up a few of you who are interested in creating their own epic, Mandalorian adventures in an original and freeform environment. Feel free to ask any questions Smile)

Btw notice I shamelessly use Daennika's art all over the place >.>

Disclaimer: I apologize if this is interpreted as advertisement - I wish only to cordially invite those who are Roleplay-inclined to help support a new community. I do not intend to "steal" any members from this board. If this is still an inappropriate message, a thousand apologies and I defer to the admins of this board.

Ret'urcye Mhi!
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Attention Fandalorians! :)
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