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 Beta Reader Requests - Don't be shy!

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Beta Reader Requests - Don't be shy! Empty
PostSubject: Beta Reader Requests - Don't be shy!   Beta Reader Requests - Don't be shy! I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 12, 2009 9:07 am

Request beta readers here!


Submit a summary of your story, what you want the beta to look for (grammar, plot, etc), as well as a word count for the piece. (Feel free to use the story submitting rules when making requests if you want!)

To submit a request, do one or more of these things:
- Post here and request how you want the beta to contact you (via PM, messenger program, etc)
- PM one of the betas listed above
- Smoke signals

Happy writing, vode!
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Beta Reader Requests - Don't be shy! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Beta Reader Requests - Don't be shy!   Beta Reader Requests - Don't be shy! I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 11, 2009 6:27 am

I have only 1,5 chapters of my story ready, but I thought that maybe if I posted at least one piece somewhere, it would get easier to write. But before I post anything I need a beta to look through it and find any grammar and lexical glitches that are still out there (I know they are) and tell me of a general impression of my text. As I'm relatively new to fanfiction and writing in English, I don't feel confident enough.

The piece is about 5200 words; here goes the description according to story submitting rules:
Title: The Last Basilisk
Timeline: around 10 years BBY
Characters: Mandalorians, businessmen/smugglers, Imperial Security, slavers, archeologists
Genre: Action/Adventure/Drama/a bit of suspence (and I'm not yet sure about romance)
Plot/Summary: an ex-anthropologist, now a Mandalorian Hoel Sabik learns that her parents went missing during an Imperial purge; as she rushes to investigate the matter she has no idea that her personal crusade is going to turn into a quest for the Mandalorian legacy.

If any of you have time and will to beta-read it, contact me via PM, please.
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Beta Reader Requests - Don't be shy!
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