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 Fortune's Fools: Character Bios

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PostSubject: Fortune's Fools: Character Bios   Fortune's Fools: Character Bios I_icon_minitimeSat May 02, 2009 1:41 pm

Character Bio Template

[*b]Character Name:[/*b] (You can add in nick names here too.)
[*b]Personal belongings:[*/b] (Weapons, vehicles, house, heirlooms, and other what nots.)
[*b]Distinguishing Marks:[*/b] (If there is any.)
[*b]Personality:[*/b] (General personality, likes and dislikes.)
[*b]Background:[*/b] (Can be as elaborate as you want but make sure you at least add what your character is currently doing.)

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PostSubject: Re: Fortune's Fools: Character Bios   Fortune's Fools: Character Bios I_icon_minitimeSat May 02, 2009 1:42 pm

Character Name: Saki Chiisulu
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Race: Epicanthix
Occupation: Gang Member
Personal belongings: A small apartment, a bulky speeder, a blaster, a virboblade, and her prized possession is a rotary blaster cannon.
Appearance: Saki is 5’10” dark skinned woman with very dark blues eyes. She has very short hair that she either wears in a fro, or slicked back. She’s very muscular and with a solid frame. For some reason, she always has a small smile on her face. She wears form fitting clothes with coverage and boots.
Distinguishing Marks: A large scar that almost splits her face diagonally. No one’s quite sure if she got it in a fight, if it’s fake, or if it was self-inflicted. She wears it like a favorite accessory and might even wear make to draw attention to it.
Personality: Saki always appears to be content with a small hint of smugness in her smile. She’s more of a follower than a leader. She doesn’t strive to be the best and is a low maintenance person. Saki isn’t a chatty or small talk kind of person. She’s not the type to initiate a conversation and really only makes conversations with someone because they started talking to her.

Saki likes making people she doesn’t like uncomfortable. She also enjoys fast and reckless driving, chasing people down, fighting no matter how petty it is, explosions, boots with pointy heels, undercover jobs, lipstick, hawkbats, and card games.

She doesn’t like the rain, getting lost, cleaning up after herself, anyone and anything her boss doesn’t like, being taken for granted, and feet.

Aspirations: Stay loyal to the gang she’s in until she sees no reason to continue working for them. If she gets tried of the whole gang thing, she’s thought about becoming a bouncer or a public transportation driver.
Strengths: Saki keeps a level head in the worst situations. She has a strong physique and has a high tolerance for pain. Saki doesn’t always know what she’s doing half the time, but looks very convincing doing it.
Weaknesses: Saki can get confused and lost when she doesn’t have someone telling her what to do or specific instructions. She holds grudges and doesn’t forget them until she’s gotten back at the person. This can sometimes make her miserable or frustrated depending on how long she’s had the grudge.
Background: Saki was born to a lower class family. She grew up with the mindset that physical strength and power made you successful and kept you alive. She dated an older man who was fairly high up in a local gang. While she was dating him, she got involved in the gang’s activity. She stayed with the gang until she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her. Saki decided to get back at him by joining the rival gang.

Character Name: Balin Norn
Gender: Male
Race: Lorrdian
Occupation: Lawyer
Personal belongings: A luxury speeder, an apartment (recently turned bachelor pad) on the nice side of town, a platinum ring, briefcase, datapad, commlink, a large savings account and a stingbeam.
Appearance: Short dirty blonde hair with light brown eyes and stubble on his face. He’s around 6’ 1” and a little on the lanky side. Balin wears simple and solid colored business suits on a regular basis. If you observe him closely, you can see that he wears them all in a pattern. He wears mostly monotones. He has a kind face and a calm or tired looking expression.
Distinguishing Marks: He has a small scar below his elbow from his youth, and tiny mark on the heel of his foot where he stepped on a piece of broken transparisteel as an adult. One of his front teeth is false. These aren’t very noticeable unless under closer inspection. He also still wears his wedding band, but not on the appropriate place.
Personality: Balin is calm, cautious, and pays close attention to details. He’s a good listener and a patient man who endures a lot. Sometimes he doesn’t always understand why he puts up with things, but for some reason he believes it’s necessary and in the long run it’ll somehow pay off.

Balin likes antique speeders and is currently trying to restore one. He got it shortly after he and his wife separated. He likes long walks, people watching, reading, has an appreciation for art but not the attention span for long operas or plays. He likes his job, but isn’t a workaholic.

Balin doesn’t like seafood. He likes dogs, and got one after one after he and his wife separated, but discovered that he wasn’t that much of a dog person and gave it to his niece and nephew. He doesn’t really like the color gold. He doesn’t like flashy and gaudy things.
Aspirations: Balin, out of fear and duty, wants to prove to his gang lord employer that he’s a brilliant lawyer. Balin wants to finish restoring his antique speeder to not only prove himself that he can do it, but also prove to his wife just to spite her. He also has a dream of maybe making a foundation to help ex gangster and criminals start over. It’s just a thought and an idea that he keeps to himself.
Strengths: Balin is very good at reading people and their body due to his heritage. His parents were both Lorrdian and taught their children kinetic communication. He uses this ability strategically in his job and his interactions with people. Balin knows how and when to pick his fights. He’s a generally good person and would rather be friends with you than enemies.
Weaknesses: Though he is starting to get immune to the activity that surrounds his client, he still get easily flustered in situations that are very illegal or that he wouldn’t consider dignified. He’s more of a fleer than a fighter, which makes him look like a coward. But, if they only knew how bad he was at fighting they might understand that he’s just being smart. He can be a little bit of a push over.
Background: Balin, Abby, and Bade were a set of multiples born from Lorrdian parents. They were raised in a comfortable and nurturing household. Balin and Abby got along the best. Both had similar personalities. While they got along with their brother, Bade, he was a troublemaker and got mixed in with the wrong crowd.

Balin became a lawyer, Abby became a therapist, and Bade never really told his family the specifics of his job. Despite his family’s questions and suspicions of Bade’s career, they co-existed with each other fairly smoothly.

That was until Bade was arrested under the suspicious of murder. Balin stepped in to help his bother, convinced that though his brother wasn’t exactly upstanding member of society he would never commit murder. Unfortunately, the evidence was against him, and Bade confessed to Balin that he was guilty. Even after knowing Bade was guilty, Balin went and tried to prove that he was innocent. In the end, he lost the case and his brother went to jail. However, he had impressed the plaintiff, a gang lord.

Balin and the gang lord formed an odd friendship. Balin didn’t dislike the man, but he wasn’t always sure if he liked him. The man puzzled him and also paid him a lot of money. Unfortunately, Balin’s wife didn’t like the fact that her husband was working for such a dangerous and disagreeable man. She put up with it for years, but after Balin had been beat up after a court case (and lost a tooth) she couldn’t deal with it and the two separated. They have not discussed a divorce yet.
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PostSubject: Re: Fortune's Fools: Character Bios   Fortune's Fools: Character Bios I_icon_minitimeTue May 05, 2009 9:44 pm

Character Name: Jiro Kou
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Occupation: Gangster
Personal belongings: Spice, fake ID keys, pimped out datapad, one-room flat, fixer-upper speeder, DL-44 heavy blaster pistol, two dagger-sized vibroblades and brass knuckles.
Appearance: Picture reference; on the right. Kou is 5'7'' (170 cm), 149 lb (67 kg), and moderately built. He is by no means the gang's heaviest fighter, but he's agile and has a high endurance for hard work. He has red hair that he keeps buzzed and sideburns, brown eyes, and fair skin.
Distinguishing Marks: Freckles, sideburns, two stud piercings over his right eyebrow.

Personality: Kou has "short man syndrome." He likes being in charge and making decisions, and he doesn't like it when people disagree with his reasonable rationale. He's stubborn and likes to debate (or argue, as it were), and he clearly operates in a manipulative, self-aggrandizing manner. He likes alcoholic beverages, drugs, wearing disguises, tricky jobs, and bossing people around. He hates anyone with a similar personality to his, large animals, Imperials, and his father.
Aspirations: Kou wants to be a gang lord, and he plans on rising in the ranks and either taking over the one he's in, or starting his own.
Strengths: Kou is a precise, detail-oriented being who could concentrate while picking a lock with a staple under fire. He is driven and stubborn and would sooner lose two nights of sleep than leave a task undone. In a fight, Kou is slinky, quick, and hard to grab hold of. He's a decent grappler, too, and a good shot.
Weaknesses: No one likes Kou. Kou doesn't care, either. He's selfish, manipulative, and long-winded. He's also addicted to spice, which leads to terrible withdrawal if he doesn't get any, and an empty wallet if he does. His stubborn tendencies tend to corner him, and he doesn't work well on a team or if someone else is the leader.

Background: Kou was born to an upper middle class family on Coruscant. He is an only child who began butting heads with his father (of whom he is the spitting image) at an early age. He was never the number one offender in school, but he was labeled as a troublemaker on numerous occasions of insolence.

In his late teens, Kou and one of his friends began experimenting with prescription drugs, which eventually lead to spice addiction. Kou's need for spice lead him to the big players in the spice and drug trade: gangs. While it was dangerous and foolish to join such a society, Kou was intrigued by the challenge and the hope of becoming a gang lord with infinite amounts of spice and minions at his disposal. After some deliberation, he found one he liked and joined.

Character Name: Catra Shaadlar
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Arkanian (Offshoot) / Mandalorian
Occupation: Mercenary
Personal belongings: Mandalorian beskar'gam, antique SoroSuub Firelance blaster rifle (her most prized possession), an assortment of knives, vibroblade in left gauntlet, grappling line in right gauntlet, jet pack, and an assortment of ammunition (EMP, cryoban, frag grenades).
Appearance: Standing at 5'4'' and 128 lb, Catra is of an average height and build. She has white skin and silver hair. As an Arkanian Offshoot, she has five fingers and human-like blue eyes, unlike the dominant race of Arkanians. She keeps her hair cut just under her chin to fit under her helmet. Her armor is light yellow with navy blue accents (to be determined later).
Distinguishing Marks: Catra has a square-shaped burn mark on her lower back about five centimeters in diameter, as well as a blue tattoo on her left shoulder.

Personality: Catra is naïve and willing to please. She's self-sufficient on her own, but she prefers company for guidance and support. She is sometimes hasty and over-confident and also a crazy daredevil at times. Catra prefers to find either the easiest way out of things, or the most creative. During interactions with acquaintances and friends, Catra is pleasant and upbeat, and she likes to have fun and slack off whenever she can. She likes meeting new people, getting new gadgets, blowing things up, and eating. She particularly dislikes being the center of attention, having too many responsibilities, and being left-handed. She also doesn't have much of a taste for meat.
Aspirations: A victim of an overly-doting father (at least by Mandalorian terms), Catra wants to branch out and make a name for herself as a notorious bounty hunter. Her father wants her to have a steady job so that she can have a life free of financial burdens, but Catra is looking for adventure, not a boring job.
Strengths: Catra is an expert in close-quarters combat and she is a fairly precise shooter. She's a pretty good actress and a decent liar, and she's also empathetic to others and a good listener. She's very personable for a Mandalorian, too, which she uses to her advantage when going undercover with enemies.
Weaknesses: Catra is still very young and immature, and she has a lot of growing to do before she can be completely independent. She enjoys working with others because she isn't very confident in doing everything by herself, which tends to throw her off if she's completely alone. She also has a bad habit of giving up if something is too hard.

Background: Catra was born with the name Desla Ukar on Arkania. She had an older brother named Cael, and her parents worked (or rather, were enslaved) in the Arkanian gem mines. At a very young age, Desla was forced into helping with the mining. She was once prodded with a red-hot metal stick when she disobeyed her boss, attributing to the scar on her back. When she was six years old, an uprising amongst the workers caused rioting and an eventual battle. She was separated from her brother Cael and her parents were killed. She managed to escape the mines and found herself wandering the Arkanian tundra until she collapsed. A ship traveling out of the nearby settlement picked her up on a scanner, and the owner, a Mandalorian by the name of Attic Shaadlar, rescued her.

Desla was quiet and almost mute around the large Mandalorian man, despite his patience and kindness. Attic learned of the uprising from news reports and, knowing how Arkanians treated the subspecies of Offshoots, Attic decided to take Desla with him to Mandalore. He then adopted her, renaming her Catra.

It is unclear whether or not Catra remembers any of the events of her past, and the only remaining evidences of her time on Arkania are the scar on her back, and a tattoo on her left shoulder that signifies her affiliation with the Ukar name.

Attic had one biological daughter that was six years Catra's elder. His wife was killed just before he found Catra during a routine bounty-hunting mission, leaving him alone to raise his daughters Saviin and Catra.

When Catra turned sixteen, Attic decided to send her off on her first solo mission to Coruscant, where her sister was doing bodyguard work for the Senate. There she would have Saviin's support if she needed it, but she could function without Attic's watchfulness. Catra took up a job being a gang lord's contact with other gangs because of her exotic looks and close-quarter combat specialties. She is excited to work with the scum of the galaxy and hopefully pull in a few bounties while she has an association with Red Flare.

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PostSubject: Re: Fortune's Fools: Character Bios   Fortune's Fools: Character Bios I_icon_minitimeThu May 07, 2009 2:41 am

Character Name: Yuno'jekurra (Yuno Jekurra)
Age: 23
Gender: female
Race: Twi'lekk
Occupation: dancer, courtesan, double agent
Personal belongings: an impressive bank account, a whole load of jewelry and finery and a small fancy nerve disruptor. She also uses a fine sports speeder and lives in a nice apartment, but she's not the owner - these are "gifts" from her patron.
Appearance: 1.7 m, 90-60-90, pretty face, azure skin, two lekku, orange-golden eyes - everything one could expect from a Twi'lekk dancer.
Distinguishing Marks: a scar in the left armpit where once a slave brand was.

Personality: a totally messed, crooked, vile, unreliable creature. In her opinion, any end justifies any means. She hates about everyone around her and finds a twisted pleasure in betraying those who are stronger or have more power than her.

Yuno is a very attractive woman and she knows how to use her charm; in fact, it's her profession and she's good at it. She looks like a harmless beautiful asset, a faultless toy with no will of her own.

Likes posh things - the more expensive the better - and intrigues.
Dislikes threats - if one threatens her, she will do her best and more to see him ruined.

Aspirations: Strictly speaking, Yuno doesn't have a purpose in life - she doesn't plan ahead much. But there are three primary urges that drive her: greed, hatred and fear. She is afraid to be abused, she hates everybody who in theory can abuse her and she wants to have more of everything, because she seems to think that personal posessions make her independant. Deep in her heart Yuno craves for freedom, but she has a mind of a slave and cannot understand what she wants, so instead of the freedom she gets money and all the pleasures of life.

Strengths: Yuno's looks are deceptive and she uses it. When people see a pretty Twi'lekk girl they don't expect to meet a cold-blooded and highly venomous serpent. Most of those she had ruined never suspected she was the cause.
Weaknesses: Yuno does not believe in good, or kindness, or love. Most of the time Yuno acts out of fear and rage and, strictly speaking, she is not quite sane. A sorry creature she is, actually.

Background: Yuno was born a slave and didn't know her parents; her life was not a happy one, for she was very unlucky with her masters, who maltreated her in the worst possible way. Eventually she managed to free herself (by killing her last master and faking the manumission) only to get involved with the mob.

Right now Yuno lives under the protection of one of the gangsters of the Red Flare whom she hates, and eagerly sells information to the Imperial Security and the rival gang.

Character Name: Tyre Besich
Age: 30-something
Gender: male
Race: Mandalorian (human)
Occupation: weaponsmith, mercenary, lore-collector
Personal belongings:
- Armour - a beskar'gam, a traditional one and not much customized, apart from some upgrades in the helmet (to suit his lore-collector's needs, mostly). He has a vibroblade and the darts and the shock-web launchers in his gauntles. The armour is black; on the left armplate there is an elaborate floral pattern that looks pretty strange on a warrior's gear.
- Weapons - likes cold steel, usually weilds a beskar knife he forged himself and has a dozen of throwing knives in his belt. Tyre uses twin hand-blasters, too heavily modified to tell their origins, and a sniper blaster rifle, probably MerSonn made. Also he has an ancient bes'bev, the battle-flute. (It goes both for a weapon and a heirloom, I guess.)
- Vehicles - a modified Skipray gunship, "Cin'werda" (White shadow).
- Real estate - a small workshop in Enceri, but he seldom drops by.
Appearance: 1.75 m, lean, blonde, dark eyes. Tyre is not really handsome, but he has a very nice smile.
Distinguishing Marks: acually, a lot of them, if you mean scars, - and one more, a tattoo on the right shoulder with the clan crest.

Personality: a surprisingly nice and polite man for a Mandalorian, but despite his social skills he doesn't have any close friends - apparently he has some problems with forming attachments to living beings. Though he has a lot of acquaintances and "contacts" all around the Galaxy.

Tyre is a very reticent person - it's impossible to tell what is going on there behind his polite front. He rarely swears or shows his emotions in any other way.

He's fond of Mando antiquity and struggles to collect and preserve all the lore, songs and tales he can find.

As for his soldiering skills, he prefers to work in team and to have a back-up; he also prefers "silent" work - collecting information, infiltratons, assassinations and so on. Rushing on hordes of enemies shouting banzai is not his style.

He believes that the death is never glorious and the war is a dirty business, and that thinking otherwise is either a self-delusion or a sure sign of stupidity. Still, though he had a choice to stay with the Mandalorians or to lead a peaceful life, he desided to stay and never regretted it for a second.

Likes doing things with his own hands, creating and modifying weapons.
Dislikes ignorance and young trigger-happy idiots.

Aspirations: Tyre's ultimate dream is, probably, establishing Mando culture among the others and breaking the stereotype of the Mandos as blood-lusty savages, but apart from that he just lives the way he chose to live. Making great plans for the future is a bit un-Mando, isn't it?

Strengths: Tyre is patient and has no problems with sitting in ambush for days - or weeks. He is generally good in public-relations stuff. Though one may think he is not much of a fighter, he's quite deadly in close combat.
Weaknesses: if he doesn't show his emotions, it doesn't mean he has none. And when his feelings overtake him, he may turn berserk (really berserk, when he can't tell a friend from a foe). Another Tyre's problem is that he's afraid of faliures, especially when it comes to extractions and saving missions. He's aware of this and usually turns down such jobs. If he has to work alone, his common sense sometimes fails him and he may do something very stupid, and that he also knows.

Background: Tyre was born on Alderaan to a Mandalorian mother and an Alderaanian humanitarian mission officer. His parents' relations didn't last long, but they parted with no hostility towards each other, so he spent time with both of them and got both Alderaanian and Mandalorian education. Still he chose to stay with the Mandos. A weaponsmith's trade he learned from his Mandalorian Grandpa, and the love of history and folklore as well as friendly manner picked from his Dad.

He is single and seems quite happy with it, but if you get him drunk enough he may tell that he is going to get attached to no one, because loosing loved ones hurts too much and thus distracts you from your job. Apparently he once had the experience of such kind.

Tyre uses mercenary work to follow his vocation, that is to rummage both the archives and the cantinas to find any piece of information on Mando history and lore.
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PostSubject: Ok this is long overdue and sorry for the wait been heaps busy...   Fortune's Fools: Character Bios I_icon_minitimeSat May 16, 2009 3:44 am

Character Name: Solus Tor (also sometimes just called Solus by a few who have an understanding with him)

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Race: Human (Mandalorian)

Occupation: Freelancer, Bounty Hunter, bodyguard

Personal belongings: He doesn't own much other than his tools of the trade; an ACP array gun, an Sfor Republic carbine (which he aquired through Tyre), a Dl-44 blaster pistol and his Mandalorian armour (beskar'gam), he does also owns a Aggressive ReConnaissance-170 starfighter heavily modified,
how he aquired this piece of clone wars antiquity is not known however it would have not been through any legal channels.

Appearance: Solus Tor is 5’80” tall and of a solid medium build. He has grey eyes and short light brown hair. His skin is slightly pale from all the time spent in his armour, the beskar'gam he wears is black and gold in colour, when he isn't in his armour he wears a dark blue short sleeved jumpsuit.

Distinguishing Marks: Has a tatoo of his clan emblem on his left shoulder, his right cheek appears to carry alot of old scarring possibly from when he was a child or teenager (either from some battle or accident)

Personality: Shows an obvious confidence in his abilities but not as far as to be overconfident. He is not a very sociable person and prefers to talk only when there is something needed to be said or worth his while discussing. Doesn't neccessarily go out of his way to make enemies but has somehow accumulated a reasonable amount over the years. Solus tries not to get personaly involved in any of the work of his clients affairs and prides himself in his professionalism and how he is able to be detached with his work.

Likes: Loves his work as a freelancer, infact he loves his job so much that even the not so interesting and rather dull positions such as being a body guard do not turn him off..all of it he does for the glory of Mandalore and his clan.

Dislikes: Solus really gets annoyed when people mock either himself or others or boast, he believes it's a waste of breath and unproffesional. He also doesn't like being lied to, as far as he is concerned that would count as a contract terminated.

Aspirations: Doesn't have many plans for the future, though he does want to get the chance to avenge his parents other than that not much else matters.

Strengths: Calm, cool and collected...well most of the time. He is utterly loyal to his clients wishes and to those he calls friends and family.

Weaknesses: He has a complete lack of trust in other peopleand tends to prefer to work alone. This often gets him into precarious situations. Solus also has the habbit of occasionally losing it and getting into wild fits of rage and anger completely like his usual calm behaviour.

Background: Born and Raised on Concord Dawn by Mandalorian parents in the traditional way. At age 5 he went with his father on missions learning how to fight and survive. Then the Clone wars came and both his parents went to fight the seperatists, he had to remain behind with another clan member. His parents never returned and it was soon found out that they had been killed by Republic troops, that day he vowed revenge and has been trying to accomplish that since, even now with the Repulic converting into an Empire he has always preffered to choose jobs that would hinder or harm it's progress. He took a job from some members of a gang with an old friend of his, once the operation was complete however he was double crossed without the knowledge of the gang leader and apprarently he was killed. Not known to them he had survived the encounter and was laying low, till he could return them the favour, he plans to make contact with the leader of the Black Sun gang in that sector hopefully he will find out why it happened and who was responsible while making a little profit on the side.

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PostSubject: Re: Fortune's Fools: Character Bios   Fortune's Fools: Character Bios I_icon_minitimeWed May 27, 2009 8:35 pm

Character Name: RC-2017, aka Grit
Age: Biological- 26 Chronological 18(underwent treatment to reverse accelerated aging)
Gender: Male
Race: Human (Clone)
Occupation: Blaster for hire
Personal belongings: A suit of Katarn armor, a suit of beskar'gam including a kama, 3 sets civilian clothing, A vibro axe(taken as a trophy in the war) A DC-15 pistol, and one ECD.
Appearance: While his face almost mirrors the famed bounty hunter he's cloned from,
Grit has several notable features that distinguish him. He is taller, and more muscular by far than Fett ever was, and healthier to boot. He stands 1.83 meters tall, and weights around 187lbs.
He keeps his head shaved bald, one of the more popular styles from his GAR days. [/b]
Distinguishing Marks: A large, severe scar running from left shoulder to right hip diagonally where a homing spider droid's laser grazed him. There's also a knot of scar tissue on the top of his right shoulder where a Magna-Guard smashed it's electro staff through his armor.
Personality: When growing up on Kamino, Grit tended toward agressive thinking.
He kept this mindset through the war. Grit is an amiable, easygoing man. He keeps his temper in check, but it has it's limits. He has a strong sense of right and wrong.
likes- Grit is, and always has been fond of good kit and weapons. He also likes good company, a cold drink, and like good food. He enjoys the outdoors, and likes being outside at sunrise, or sunset. City or wilderness makes no difference.
Dislikes- Cowardice, obnoxious people, and bullies are high on his hit list.
Aspirations: Not much beyond living life to the full, and now making a living defending people who need help. He makes enough with nobles fearing petty crime to be of decent means, and waives his fee when his customers are in dire need of his aid.
Strengths: Courage, determination, and skill are his hallmarks. He is a compassionate soul, and always willing to help those in need.
Weaknesses: Extremely naive to almost all things not combat oriented. Absolutely clueless on women. He's a lightweight on alcohol, and has no experience with any other vice.

Grit was created, like all of his brothers, on Kamino. When the first commando batches were selected, Grit was put into Gamma squad. Under the guidance of Kal Skirata, Gamma squad grew proficient, tough, and close. When Geonosis erupted in all out war, The Gammas were there.
In the ice and snow of Rhen Var, they fought. Through the hellish jungles of Felucia, they fought.
Through the burnt out wreck of the Banking Clan frigate Guarded Assets, they fought.

When Order 66 was given, Grit and his men watched in horror as the padawan leading them was
ruthlessly cut down. She couldn't have been older than twenty. Gamma squad deserted in disgust.
On Mandalore, the Gammas were offered sanctuary. The other three decided to stay a while, while Grit decided he would chance a stay on Coruscant, despite being branded a traitor.
Before leaving, he was given the cure to his limited life span. Now free from the army, he set out to find his fortune in the galaxy.
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PostSubject: Re: Fortune's Fools: Character Bios   Fortune's Fools: Character Bios I_icon_minitimeSat May 30, 2009 7:36 am

Character Name: Alara Maran




Occupation: Enslaved(formerly a waitress in a cantina)

Personal belongings: The clothes on her back and little else.

Appearance: Standing at 5'7", and weighing 165lbs, Alara has a flatteringly curvy figure.
She has the blue skin and lips distinctive to her people ,and the green-yellow eyes too.
Her face is plain, but attractive in a girl next door way. Her smile(on the rare occasion she had cause to smile is very disarming and warm. Closely cut dark blue hair sits in a short, yet girlish haircut.

Distinguishing Marks: An unfortunate number of bruises and scars from the abuses of slavery. A small tattoo of a heart bruised, a reminded of past heartache conquered.

Personality: Before being enslaved, Alara was still somewhat bitter over her lot in life.
Now she displays a quiet strength and dignity, and it helps to keep her sane in the face of the horrific cruelty of her captors.

Aspirations: Alara tries simply to live a day more in defiance of the despair around her.
She has little hope of it ever happening, but she entertains herself in her few private moments
with fantasies of stormtroopers being sent to do away with the slavers and rescue her(she is unaware the Empire endorses slavery).

Strengths: Alara is brave, willful, and very tough. She never gives up hope.

Weaknesses: Alara was at one point rather selfish, but her chief flaws now are naivete,
being overly compassionate, and in the back of her mind, a profound sense of being alone.

Background: Alara was working as a waitress in a cantina on a republic outpost near the front in a lawless area infested with slavers. A group of aqualish and trandoshans assaulted the outpost in force. They had been contracted to simply wreck the base, but the clone garrison put up such a fight their losses began to outweigh the profit. The slavers decided to grab some slaves and run. Alara was in the cantina main room when a firefight broke out between
a trooper and three slavers. The trooper killed two aqualish thugs, back to back, and two trandoshans as they ran to join the fight. The remaining trandoshan got off a burst and caught the trooper in the side, and retreated. The wounded clone doffed his helmet. Alara was shocked.
He was so young. Rather than go help him though, she heard his fellow soldiers moving toward them, and left, on the verge of panic. Had she stayed to help the wounded trooper, she would not have been taken. She took this to be a punishment for her selfishness.
Now she awaits sale on coruscant. She overhears talk of a group called Scourge every now and then.
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((ooc: So... I'm semi-new / really rusty to this roleplaying stuff, so I will need some help. But I'll post a character bio here. Hope this is okay!))

E'cho T. Kord (eh-CHOH KHORD)

* Biological Age – 14~15 Galactic Standard
* Appears – 26~28 years



Mercenary / Bouncer / Engineer

Personal Belongings:
* Weapons – An assortment of hidden knives, a beat up Model 434 blaster pistol, and a heavily modified Merr-Sonn sniper rifle.
* Armor – Concealed armor plates protect his chest and back. He normally wears a modified combat sensor that covers his left eye and obscures the left side of his head.
* Other – A small apartment building skirting the boundaries of the Fobosi District, one old refashioned speeder bike affectionatly named Trantor Pidge (after the irritating birds of the same name), forged identichip, and a toolkit optimal for breaking-and-entering and repairing the occasional mechanical equipment.

((Now with a HeroMachine image version OHOHOHOHO -- Under his Jacket))
* Height – 1.83 m (6')
* Tattoos – Yes.
* Scars – Yes.

Though he shares the build and height of the ever infamous Jango Fett, he wears his hair closely shaved (allowing for a very faint layer of platinum blond fuzz), and a thin orange goatee. His nose looks as though it had been broken three times. A modified combat sensor covers his left eye and most of the left side of his head. Incredibly tan, with lips quirked as if perpetually on the edge of a smile.

He wears an old, scuffed bantha hide jacket, dark brown trousers and black combat boots. Under the jacket are concealed armor plates made of thick, secure material (the painted remains of scrapped Mark III Katarn-Class commando armor).

Distinguishing Marks:
* Face – A tribal tattoo curves just around his right eye, eyebrows, and cheekbone. The entire left side of his head is marred by a web of faded raised scars, as if he had been sitting too close to a pile of detonite at the point of detonation. His left eye is gray, likely a result of whatever caused his scar.
* Body – Down his spine are a series of tattooed dots, dashes, and spaces.

E'cho is relatively easy going. He is one of those types who oozes positivity with just about everything he does, and rarely gets agitated or angry. Because of this, it's often difficult to tell what's really going on in that head of his. This leaks into his social dealings, as he tends to express extreme contempt and hatred with the absolute, utmost polite civility imaginable (a trait that is often lost on whoever he is speaking to).

His expertise and training from the war brings him to believe that he specializes in sniping, infiltration, and reconnaissance. However, after taking a few jobs as a bouncer for certain clubs, it's clear he's had extensive training in hand-to-hand combat as well. However, he prefers finesse and accuracy over brute force, and adapts to just about any situation.

Keep living, keep saving up credits, and maybe, just maybe, locate the family he knows he has but can't remember.

E'cho is highly accurate with most types of blasters, slug throwers, and other such weapons. From the training he endured, and as a side affect of less than savory addictions, has developed an obscenely high pain tolerance. He keeps a level head, adapts to most situations, and has a way with younglings.

Chronic insomniac. Dependency on pain meds and sleep aids. Withdrawal devolves him into an irritable, aggressive, easily provoked and ruthless individual. With his fix, his thoughts can appear disjointed or confused, but may be a result of the high intelligence of most clones. Has difficulty not intimidating the odd person / alien / sentient, but that may be due more to his scar than his personality.

E'cho woke up in a personal-owned bacta tank one month after the end of the Clone Wars, belonging to a retired Falleen medic. For at least a week, E'cho could only speak mando'a, which forced the Falleen to invest in several protocol droids until he could locate one on the black market that spoke the same dialect.

After relearning Basic, he scrapped his Mark III Katarn-Class commando armor, salvaging a few pieces for discreet protection, and bartering off the rest illegally. He managed to afford a small loft in the underbelly of Coruscant, and now goes from job to job, trying to put the pieces of his scrambled memory back together with the help of one banged up personal datapad.

What he knows is simple—he's a clone, had brothers, was officially adopted before the end of the war. He knows what his name was, but opted for a different name after realizing he defected from the GAR, albeit unintentionally. He also knows that he owes the Falleen medic at least twice as much as the man politely requested, and so plans to pay him back in every way he can.

What he doesn't know is if his family survived, or where they are. He doesn't know if he had a girl, but he's pretty sure he didn't. Which is too bad, because his brand new scar seems to scare off the ladies.

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PostSubject: Re: Fortune's Fools: Character Bios   Fortune's Fools: Character Bios I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 05, 2009 3:31 am

Character Name: Jenya Dae
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Race: Zeltron
Occupation: Rogue/Scoundrel and negotiator
Personal belongings: Despite her chosen trade Jenya is still very much like most Zeltrons and has plenty of clothing and and armor and other supplies, she was able to afford all this due to her previous career as an entertainer. She favours the WESTAR-34 blaster pistol and the A-280 blaster rifle. Technically she is stranded on coruscant due to her starship The Ebon Blade being impounded by security forces after a joy ride through the system that utterly disrupted the flow of traffic. The Ebon Blade a R-41 Starchaser.
Appearance: (Likeness) Her hair is a dark blue black and is worn loosely. She is very typical in Zeltron form and shape being rather attractive, an attribute she often uses to her advantage. She has violet eyes, light crimson skin and is 5"6 tall.
Distinguishing Marks: She has a small vertical scar over her left eyebrow.

Personality: She loves getting into fights as well as being the cause of them, she is often sarcastic in tone and finds it hard to take most people seriously. This does not mean that she will not follow her orders or not get the job done but it has cost her a fair few long term contracts...
Aspirations: To simply enjoy life to it's fullest no matter what that may entail.
Strengths: She also like all Zeltrons is able to produce pheromones, an ability she often uses in her...negtiations. Also the ability to project emotions onto others, creating a type of control. She is greatly skilled in reading the motions of others another trait which her employers find useful.
Weaknesses: Somewhat of a perfectionist which helps her plenty in her work in espionage and heists, but does cause her to take longer with the job even when time is short. She also does not take kindly to criticism and does not like taking the advice of others. At times she goes off into a daze and forgets herself though this does not happen in stressful work situations...much.

Background: Technically she is stranded on coruscant due to her starship The Ebon Blade being impounded by security forces after a joy ride through the system that utterly disrupted the flow of traffic. She is now grudgingly working at the Fortunes Fools cantina as a waitress as well as pick pocketing a few of its patrons. She plans to do so till she can find a way off this dull planet or is offered an attractive propsition by one of the crime syndicates in the area...she's contacted the right people, all she has to do now is wait.

Jenya was born on Zeltros and lived their till she was 16 years old...her father an excessive gambler had gotten deep into dept and as he was unable to pay what he owed the loan shark being a notorius hutt had him killed and his wife and daughter sent to the spice mines. Her mother sacrficed her own life to save her daughter from that place, for a time she wandered the space lanes getting odd jobs her and there as an entertainer till she ran in with a small time gang which taught her street smarts and how to find a worthwhile mark. She became wrapped up in the pleasures and treasures that crime offered and became known as a skilled thief and slicer. When that occured she decided it was time to go offplanet and look for work elsewhere, doing freelance jobs for a few crime lords paid the bills and a little more but she always felt as if she were missing something. At times she'd just drift off deep in thought even when being spoken to for no reason she could explain. She didn't remember much of her past it was better that way she thought there were things best forgotten.
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PostSubject: Vande Nua   Fortune's Fools: Character Bios I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 21, 2009 1:43 pm

Character Name: Vande Nua

Age: 26 Standard Years

Gender: Male

Race: Echani

Occupation: Ex-Scourge Assassin.

Personal belongings: Echani vibroblade, Bryar blaster pistol, concealed knives. Datapad. Light fiber armor. Perhaps poison. Not much else.

Appearance: Slight of stature, young-faced but with serious eyes. His hair is somewhat shaggy, and he wears flexible clothing: sometimes with an overcoat to conceal things in.

Distinguishing Marks: No scars, but his hair has been dyed so many times it's mottled. His silver roots almost never show through; he keeps it that way. It's not readily apparent that he is Echani.

Personality: A bit distant, but quite charming in a blunt sort of way when speaking. Vande rarely gets angry and he has very little self esteem. He cleans his knives obsessively and has a fondness for ordering Sonic Servodrivers (cocktail) at the bar. He enjoys battles of wits; clever jokes or swift verbal combat are two of the only things that make him laugh or put him in a good mood. He loves the thrill of combat but truly despises the work that he has been put into... though he is not above clearing away anybody who threatens him.

Aspirations: Not high. Just get out of the horrible mess he's been trapped in. Save his own skin.

Strengths: Extreme competency as a spy and assassin, doesn't much care what people think about him. Able to stay cool under pressure. Able to laugh and be witty in dark situations. Not easily tricked.

Weaknesses: Low self esteem, easily stressed. Quick to blame himself for shortcomings. Difficulty working in a team. Despite his seemingly-well spoken exterior he's very quiet and will sometimes not voice his internal opinions when he should do so.

Background: Vande Nua hasn't been home in 5 years. He's in a state of self-imposed exile from his family for the shame of losing control in a duel and murdering a close family member. He left in disgrace and has been a wanderer ever since. Not long after, he got into trouble with a notorious Coruscant outlaw and was then bailed out by some of Contardi's men. Because of this, he has a long-standing debt with the gang-leader and has been pressganged into service working as a spy and assassin ever since to repay it. He deeply dislikes this work (the irony of killing as a person in exile for murder is something he resents), though he has little choice in the matter. All he can do is make it as quick and quiet as he can manage.

Recently he has found out that the 'debt' will never be repaid, and that Contardi simply means to keep him forever as not much more than a kind of indentured slave. Armed with this information, he prepares to take revenge for lost time... and take a new path.
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Fortune's Fools: Character Bios
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