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 Early Empire: Fortune's Fools RPG

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PostSubject: Early Empire: Fortune's Fools RPG   Early Empire: Fortune's Fools RPG I_icon_minitimeMon May 18, 2009 12:21 pm

Name: Fortune's Fools

Rating: PG-13

Era: Early Empire

Location: Coruscant

Status: Running but alway accepting new players!

The war is over. Order is restored to the Empire’s capitol, Coruscant. While Stormtroopers are deployed throughout the urban sprawl, underground crime syndicates continue to operate as normal. Republic, Empire—institutions are all the same to the Red Flare and Scourge.

A satellite of the Black Sun, Red Flare is a well-established organization that dominates a large area of Coruscant’s lower sectors. It is benevolent as far as gangs go, its leader Hec Kohler a careful and self-preserving individual. Red Flare is known for its protection services, political and corporate influences, and funding for many illegal activities such as counterfeiting and drug and sex trafficking. The Red Flare’s territory spans a large area in Coruscant’s underground with many fluctuating islands as disputes with other gangs come and go.

Scourge was started by a former member of the Red Flare, Gio Veigh, who had a falling out with Hec Kohler after a debacle over funds. Gio Veigh fell ill months after he established his new gang, Scourge. His wife Contardi unceremoniously took over the band of misfits that made up the fledgling gang.


    1.You are responsible for your character.

    2. Ask for permission before you play or take control of someone else’s character. Even if it’s something as small as the characters shaking hands.

    3. Stay as active as you can. If you’re currently busy or just have a hard time figuring out what to do in your next post tell everyone so we know what’s going on.

    4. If you do become very busy you can…
    a. Ask someone to play your character
    b. Have your character step out of the plot for a while. In example: Coma, family emergency, mid life crisis, kidnapped, or top secret undercover mission. If you’re way too busy to even think of how your character could possibly step out, just ask for someone to help you out and tell them what you do or don’t want to happen to them.
    c. Still have your character present in the game, but they become an NPC. As an NPC they might be present in a scene but not really do anything. They’d be like a thread accessory.

    5. You can kill off your character personally or have another player kill them off. Naturally, you need permission to do this. The same goes for NPCs. Even if the NPC is open to everyone to play you must be given permission by the NPC creator to kill them.
    a. You can bring your characters back from the ‘dead’ if it is possible they could have survived. If your character was hacked into tiny pieces and then those pieces were set on fire and the ashes were blasted into outer space and thousands of people witnessed this then I don’t think they’re coming back.
    b. You can have your dead character come back as a ghost. They’d have to be a NPC though.
    c. What’s done is done. Characters can’t come back for the dead if they really were killed.

    6. If you disappear without telling anyone your character will just become inactive. Inactive means that it won't be acknowledged if they are or are not in a scene. Their whereabouts won't be known or talked about. If the player returns when the character is inactive, they'll just have to jump in and make a reason what was going on with the character. You can work out that your character had been with other characters or something with the other player(s) permission. Over a long period of time if you still have not returned or said a word to anyone then your character will become an NPC and be open to anyone to play.

    7. If you quit preferably you should give your character or character some sort of conclusion. You can…
    a. Kill them off or have them part ways from the other characters/plot.
    b. Give your character(s) to another player
    c. Turn your character or characters into NPCs.
    d. Completely abandon them and hope I show them mercy. Twisted Evil

    8. If you were to return after quitting and…
    a. Gave your character or characters to another player and what them back you must ask. If they say no then you must respect their choice.
    b. If you had them become NPCs you can take them back. But if in the occasion your character lost a limb, had a baby, or any other type of change as an NPC you have accept these changes and adapted them into your character.

    9. You are always welcome to make new character in addition to the once you have. It’s up to you to keep them all active though.

    10. If you are active on the other forums but not active in the RPG forum your character will become inactive. If this continue they will become an NPC. I don't have time to track you down to see if you're still posting on the board or visiting it.

    11. The RPG Forum rules all apply to this game.

    12. Stay in the Star Wars Universe.
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Early Empire: Fortune's Fools RPG
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