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 RPG Section Rules/Guidelines

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PostSubject: RPG Section Rules/Guidelines   RPG Section Rules/Guidelines I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 16, 2009 7:16 pm


1. Nothing too vulgar, please.

2. Flaming will not be tolerated.

3. Make sure to put (( )) around out of character text, this this prevents confusion.

4. If you have character conflict problems, don't come crying to Tenna or myself. Work it out between yourselves.

5. Use correct punctuation and spelling. (I'm serious about this.) Exclamation

That's it until I can think of something else.

Alright Mando'ade, hopefully most of you know how to RP.

If you don't, here is an example of a basic RPG sheet:

(Credit to Mel for this)

When you start an RPG, there are things to take into account.

1. Setting
2. Plot
3. Rules


Make sure you let everyone know what era you are setting your RPG. Let them know where they are also.

Plot: Give a clear idea of plot. For instance saying “War on Tatooine” is too vague. Why is there a war? Who is involved in the war? How are the characters involved?

Example: The war on Tatooine started when Jabba the Hutt got too greedy and started moving in on the Sandpeople.

You’ve now stated the where, the why and given a rough idea of the time.

Now since this is your RPG, your character will be key to the story. So you could pick to be Jabba the Hutt or the leader of the Sandpeople.

Do an intro explaining who you are and why you are there. A summary of your character is also good to use:



Name: Gen’har Nex
Age: 38
Species: Tusken Raider
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Sandpeople
Appearance: Bandaged outer body, typical garb of his species
Personality: Very territorial and passionate about his people, hates outsiders
Weapons: Gaffi stick, scavenged blaster

Gen’har stood on the sand dune with his bantha. He surveyed the surrounds, knowing that the evil Hutt’s minions were coming. The battles were becoming more frequent and it was only a matter of time before the war got even more heated.

His people had been preparing for the invasion. He watched them as they distributed weapons evenly amongst their ranks.

This has left things open for others to insert the characters into the action, they can either be preparing with the Sandpeople, or incoming with Jabba’s troops. Once things are established you can move the storyline along.


Each RPG should have a list of rules. That way people know where they stand. Here’s a basic list of rules you can use or improvise on:

1. You may create any character you want. Clarify their name and species so others can follow their actions easily.

2. You can kill characters you create but you can't kill other people's characters unless they say they have been killed in battle with you.

3. You can have any weapon you want but you can only have what your character could physically carry - otherwise they wouldn't be able to move.

4. Be consistent, eg if someone says they blew up a building, don't suddenly be assaulting it.

5. If you have sustained many wounds you will have to either get medical help or eventually die.

6. Follow the storyline, sure add a few twists and turns but allow others to see where you want to go so they can help you get there.

7. Have fun.
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RPG Section Rules/Guidelines
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