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 Story submitting rules

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PostSubject: Story submitting rules   Story submitting rules I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 16, 2009 4:49 pm

Posting your story in this forum is a hassle because it doesn't take in italics or correct line breaks from your text editor. Reading huge walls of text is extremely annoying on a forum but if that doesn't bother you, or if you find a way to make your double line-breaks without spending two hours at it then good for you.

I'm going to encourage posting links to FF.net or other sources, and bumping your topic whenever you have a new chapter up. This is going to spare us a lot of screen mess and it's easier on these poor old eyes.

Give your fellow readers and writers at least a day or two to read your stuff and post a review or reply in your topic, especially if it's a long story.

If your story is unfinished or very long, that's fine too! Many forums and communities favor one-shots and cheap fics with 2 chapters and lots of chatting but I want this place to give a chance to the writers who struggle to produce something good and who enjoy quality writing.

Here's a "form" to help you summarize your story when you first post it:

Timeline: (use the Battle of Yavin as reference)
Characters: (a short description of your OCs if need be)
Genre: (Action/Adventure/Suspence/Romance/Horror/Drama/Comedy/etc)
Plot/Summary: (make it short and sweet!)
Links: (if you have it on FF.net then people could send a review on there as well)

Ratings are free, but if you feel like you need to warn the reader about harsh language, violence/gore or mature content. Please be a responsible adult and write that somewhere.

Do not post slash/yaoi crap, you should be ashamed of yourself for considering it, or if you're a reader of that shit.
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Story submitting rules
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