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 A Mandalorian's Hunt for His Brother

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PostSubject: A Mandalorian's Hunt for His Brother   A Mandalorian's Hunt for His Brother I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 12, 2009 6:50 pm

Title: A Mandalorian's Hunt for His Brother

Timeline: Somewhere in between the Clone Wars and Battle of Yavin

Characters: Mav
A young mandalorian who lives for the hunt. He is an exceptional hunter, but lacks experience in much else (including relationships of any sort). A remote is also almost constantly in his presence and has been heavily modified and bears the name of Owl and communicates through hoots.

Genre: Adventuryish dramatica!

Plot/Summary: Mav has spent the past two years hunting down his family that he had been separated from years ago. He's finally gotten a lead and will go to any extent to pursue it.

Links: Link (DeviantArt)
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A Mandalorian's Hunt for His Brother
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